Arsenal vs Leicester City (Premier League)


No defenders on the bench. :giroud:

Holding and Mustafi injured?


Walcott :disappointed:



Rested. Holding is first choice by now :wink:


Monreal must be one of the fittest in the squad then I guess, if Chamberlain needs a rest and he doesn’t :neutral_face:

Is this on Sky or is that the Palace/Tottenham game ?


It was originally then sky axed it for the bolded


The Ox was a bit injured after sunday’s game.


Probably because Leicester’s CB are lumbering oak trees with the turning circle of an articulated lorry.

I imagine our tactic will be to get Theo running off their shoulder on to through balls from Ozil and Sanchez, but generally having a very fluid and mobile front three causing problems for Huth and whoever steps in for Morgan (Wasilewski?).


Good point i’d forgotten that, left on crutches or something didn’t he? But then he was pictured running around at training yesterday.


He just got a severe cramp after the game.

I saw him on Snapchat playing football and minigolf with his girl


Wenger has thrown top 4 and is now clearly experimenting with the squad.

No way should Monreal be CB and Chambo dropped. Unless he is literally shattered from the City game.


With the Spurs game on the weekend, and 120 minutes the weekend gone, rotation is essential.


On second thoughts I make you right.


Probably a bit out the loop here guys but do you still do MDC? Have been so busy lately I dont get much chance to be on here!


Of course we do :slight_smile:


Cheers, currently closed though, opens right at kick off nowadays?


Probably had no other option but to rotate somewhat, Shame the byproduct of that is watching coq.


You also thought City would have destroyed us :xhaka:


Luca what do you like more?

The like button or that fucking Xhaka face you use in every post lol


Both, you scottish William Wallace :wink:


I’m glad you clarified, wouldn’t want to get mixed up with the Kazakhstani one.