Arsenal vs FC Bayern Munich (UCL 1st K/O Round 2nd Leg)


Played well first half. Shame that Arsenal dont turn up to every game

Fell apart second half once we lost Kos. Fuck knows why we couldnt just keep it tight and not leave ourselves so open. The game was over, why go chasing it like that?

Wenger said after we are in good shape so fuck knows what we are going to be like if we are ever in bad shape!


i am embarrsed

we get one goal denied pen could go either way
then we crumble - we loss kos (wtf happend there) and they just walk over us

we are the laughing stock of europe at the minute

the ref was cnut no doubt but we still lost 10-2 over two games

can we end the season now

wenger interview afterwards was deluded i have no idea whaty match he watched last night

i heard people critise us not for bringing on more defensive players and trying to hold the game - i get that but we dont have any spare players who can do that anyway once we lose Kos there no one to replace him any way

massive shake up in the summer get rid of the dead wood including wenger

cant face another season chasing 4th to get knocked out in this round of the champ league again


Embarrassed? I am devastated! This has sealed the end of my relationship with Arsenal. I have cheated on him for a while, but now I am leaving for sure. @Calum can I come to Monaco with you?


you whore :hushed::wink:


Well I’ve always been that, and what? :wink:


Even the Bayern fans protested.

Very true though.


It’s happened again
It’s happened again
Knocked out by Bayern.
It’s happened again…

Always look on the bright side of life.
Wengers fucking off hes fucking off hes fucking off…

Should have seen it coming. PSG should have smashed us(score line) in the first game of the competition…(game nearly fucked my holiday up).

No doubt the wengerite appologists will still find a way of defending the undefensible…
Dire Straights…


What I hate is this was another shit performance from a European giant. Bayern were not particularly up for it in either game yet they still won by an unbelievable scoreline twice. You’d have to say that was all our own doing. Barca last time couldn’t give a fuck either but still went through easily.

I think these clubs treat drawing Arsenal like they would drawing Porto. We might get a game but we’re definitely going through.


Brave defeats in second leg comebacks have basically been exposed as myths last 2 years.
Always were really.


There is no heart in this team.


no leaders in the team

i dont think kos is a leader either
i can never forget firts game of the season v Liverpool we were short of defenders - Kos was in the ground but he didnt want to play as he needed the rest from the euros

a captain stands up and says im the captain i will play fcuk the rest - that simple

we have bfg as the leader in the changing room - realistically is just cos wenger doesnt want to get rid of him

had enough :frowning:


its not that simple really. The manager dropped him, Kos doesn’t determine whether he plays or not.


he wasnt dropped - he was resting hes in the ground and declined to play as he was resting after the euros


the manager game them time off because they made the finals. It’s completely normal to do so.


The brilliance of this post has motivated me to use the bookmark option for the first time. My clear choice for post of the year. :arteta::santi2::wilshere:


“It can always get worse” - Me

It got worse.


Did you actually unban him Leper? :kissing_heart:


I remembered.

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t remember this morning.


You’re doing your best to keep up the image of being his cruel ex girlfriend not wishing him any good. :smiley:

I was wondering why it was so silent around here. We didn’t even get a daily update on who’s playing today.


If 3 consecutive 5-1 defeats wasn’t enough, we have decided to play them in a Pre Season friendly in China from all reports.