Arsenal vs FC Bayern Munich (UCL 1st K/O Round 2nd Leg)


Both shouldn’t have been penalties imo. The Lewandowski one was the softest penalty we’ll concede all year.


Yeah actually I overreacted looking at them again. Feel slightly more strongly that Alonso got the ball but the Lewandowski does look a bit feeble :+1:


  • they’re gonna hump us , is what i meant


He’s not that weak and could’ve ran through on goal easily.


Banner blokes getting stick from some other blokes…


I wasn’t contesting our elimination because is deserved because of a shock game at Allianz Arena last month, but tonight we would deserved to win because until the Ref decided to change the game with the penalty not conceded (Alonso never touched the ball) and conceding a penalty to Bayern when Lewa was offside and has caused the red card to Koscielny and the final 1-5, we were much better than them.

I was not happy because we are out for the 7th season in a row, but tonight the game has been a farca.

With a normal Ref, the result would have been 5-1 but a convincing win for us (100% not great enough to knock out Bayern) or minimum a draw.

Is strange to be satisfied about our 55 minutes played very well against Bayern? Is strange to be satisfied about the technical and mental qualities showed tonight??





Ok, I have had time to calm down, but I am still absolutely fuming. In no universe can you justify double figures. I just don’t know what to do with myself. I feel like Wenger is holding me hostage.



How old are you?


I will say it again, we are better off being in the Europa League than getting embarrassed 10-2 on aggregate in the Round of 16.


We’re better off doing a Chelsea and finishing 10th imo


Nah but then we won’t be in rytham eg our massive break for Liverpool away.


We may not get thrashed in the Europa, but probably get eliminated in the round of 16 also.


Being destroyed like this and ending up in the europa will not go down with the sponsors.
This above all else will be the game changer that takes Wengers future out of his hands.


This is good tbf :joy::joy:


I thought we might at least keep it down to single figures over the two legs.

To be fair to Wenger, he probably made the right decision telling the players to not bother about an embarrassing score line, because we have a tough FA Cup quarter final coming up, and we want all our players fit and raring to go.

Remember, Lincoln are the Bayern Munich of non League football, so hopefully we can at least take them to a replay.


No replays in this round.