Arsenal v West Ham (Premier League)


I just wish we’d win some of those fixtures, show we deserve to be with the top 4. When was the last time we won a fixture we really didn’t expect to win?


Excellent question and I will not take it rhetorically. For me it would be the FA cup win at Old Trafford where Welbeck scored the winner, I think this was the season before last.


I’m confident we’ll win the next 3. We’ve had a blip but there’s a reason we’re 5th, looking realistically at finishing 4th and all these teams are in the bottom half. We can handle palace and I don’t think Leicester will be anything to worry about.


Watch us lose to Middlesbrough and win at the lane.


I’d have us as taking three points from those two games and would be quite content if that’s how we got them tbh.


Probably Chelsea at the Emirates ?


Probably, yes.


Was that that unexpected though? We were playing well at the time and they weren’t. They were still adjusting.


Yeah that’s why I said probably with a question mark haha.


Should be able to beat Manure and Everton, tbh. Mourinho is gonna focus on the E.L. now.


Wenger beat Jose in a league game ? yeah… Nah.


We can beat them at home. Ok now? :wink:


He might announce he’s leaving if he can finally best Mourinho… Wishful thinking.


I think it will be a bore draw United at home.


Nah…he would feel to be on his way up again.