Arsenal v West Ham (Premier League)




Shit. We’re definitely getting fined this time for a non-existent captain.


Our one and only true Kapitan. :heart_eyes:


I’m going for 1-1.
I think both teams will score, and both managers are desperate for a win.


MDC open guys and girls :slight_smile:



How the fuck is that not a penalty??? For FUCKS sake ref. Honestly





Good to finally get a win and in the second half we played some decent stuff or be it vs a poor West Ham side. On a sidenote we actually could have had 3 penalties on a different day or with a different referee.


We’re back!

We should of had a hattrick of penalties today, ridiculous.


Typical Arsenal: started poorly, finished strongly. Just glad we are finally back on the winning way. Theo looked our most dangerous players upfront once again, while Danny was pretty poor. Elneny and Xhaka looked good together.


So this is what a win feels like!

Hope we go on a run now. Ozil, Xhaka all brilliant.

Gabriel and Martinez solid.

Great win!


Can’t get over how poor this West Ham side are


West Ham are woeful side, let’s not beat about the bush with it. We got three points but we didn’t have to play that well to get it sure the GK for West Ham gave us a helping hand. Fully expected a win in this, Sunderland and Middlesbourgh games coming up. Good to get three points on the board and a win but colour me impressed when we win over top sides, Palace away we see what this side is made off.

Xhaka was MOTM, Alexis played well. Awful first half but better second half.


We played against awful opponents, but the performance has been very good. The first half has been particulary hard to control because West Ham parked the bus in front of Randolph, but during the second we have seen our qualities.

Elneny is much better than Coquelin and with him we have seen the best of Granit Xhaka into a duo on midfield. Gabriel ok as Mustafi, thumbs up for Monreal and Walcott. Mesut finally had a decise impact on the game. When him and Alexis are into the mode on, nobody can stop them and us.

I’ve only three bad things to say: Bellerìn played another unconvincing game, Welbeck should be only a squad player because he hasn’t any quality to be a starter into a top 6 team, Giroud hasn’t celebrate the great goal scored because he is suffering the status of squad player. If he is not happy to be what he should be, I offer myself to prepare his carton and help him to find the right exit door of London Colney.

Emi Martìnez >>> Cech and Ospina.




Sutton, Lincoln and now the mighty Hammers. Giant killers mate. :muscle:


Most of the teams we will see the rest of the season are woeful. If we keep winning against the bads we’ll finish top 4 easy.


We do still have Tottenham, Man U, Everton, and Stoke away. Even Southampton away which has been a dodgy fixture for us. I’m still not feeling particularly comfy about the run-in.