Arsenal v West Ham (Premier League)


This season gets better :joy:

Although Martinez is a solid keeper so I’m not worried


We’ve been pretty consistent from last year to this year. We were shit from about mid jan until april last season as well. Then we got our shit together and made a big push. Probably will happen again. We’ll start winning but even i would be surprised if we were able to pull ourselves out of this massive hole we’ve dug.


He is probably our best goalie right now, lol!


Club is a shambles :joy:


Jesus. Team has literally gone to the dogs.


They are all captains.


Fucking hell lol. You’d think we’re going into administration the way things are going with the workings of the club.

This period of ambiguity is humiliating from both Wenger and the higher ups. Just sort something out and put this shambolic period of complete incompetence and instability behind us ffs…


Yeah, at this point whether he stays or goes, I just want them hurry the fuck up and tell us.

He’s staying for sure though.


Disgusting incompetence by the club, huge embarrassment. Only solution is for Wenger to step down immediately. Sad.


Is this for real?

Don’t see how it’s really disgusting incompetence…avoidable and stupid, sure, but not anything to get up in arms about…


445am this one, will watch before I head to work and it would be nice to have a win as I’ve nearly forgotten what it feels like.


Anyone going tonight? There’s a 13 minute protest…


Inb4 someone mentions the Club already has their money and is actually only likely to make even more money by virtue of the 13 extra minutes spent in the concourse :speak_no_evil:


We need to start quickly in this. Way to often this season we have started off slowly and been a goal or 2 behind before we have even started to play

No Cech and Ospina maybe injured. Should be fun seeing Martinez in. Who knows he may even command his area and come and claim crosses to nullify the affect of Carroll


I wonder how many will actually do this?

You’ll obviously have the hardcore WO people but it will be interesting to see how many seats are actually empty


game day game head on, because of the history i hope we smash these murdering cunts tonight…


3-1 to the Arsenal… maybe 4-1… big risk is that we shoot ourselves in the foot and somehow go down 1-0 and then WHU shut up shop… need to start fast and get a lead in this one.


Exactly. I think they have the worst defence in the league, don’t they? So hit them in the first minutes.


I get the feeling the more we do these protests the more they’ll start to lose any proper meaning, if that makes any sense.

I mean sure it’s good to be proactive but it’s now seemingly a protest every game, it’s getting rather ridiculous.


I would like to see Alexis as CF, Mertesacker with Mustafi on defense and finally a proper midfielder with Granit Xhaka.