Arsenal v West Ham (Premier League)


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Id like to see Granit Xhaka play as a proper midfielder.



Wish we’d see an entertaining Arsenal tonight. God, when was the last time that happened.


Last time we played West Ham :grin:






Really not sure how we’re going to function without Vieira2.0.


Mertesacker is back. :sunglasses:

Holding, I take it, is dead?


Let’s hope Welbeck has a much better game than he had against ManCity.

Btw is Lucas Perez still injured or is he just not going to play for us again at all anymore?


Loving the Xhaka Elneny partnership.:sunglasses:

Plus happy we’ve continued with that front 4.

Come on you gunners!


:cech: He’s back! :cech:




Coquelin going down is a huge blessing. Elneny is nothing special but a big improvement, hopefully we’ll see at least a semi-dysfunctional midfield today.

Really hope Alexis and Welbeck interchange in this game, I guess I can understand Wenger going off the Iwobi-Alexis-Walcott front 3 that was probably the one thing that has actually really worked for this team this season given Welbeck’s return and Iwobi’s youth, but only if there’s actually some fucking interchange as there should be between Welbeck and Alexis.


I thought you didn’t give a fuck about Arsenal anymore :wink:


When did I ever say that? :confused:


You have sounded very grumpy in the last weeks. Apologize if it is not true :slight_smile:


What about you btw… You’re on record 3 times that you wouldn’t watch the remainder of this Arsenal season. You changed your mind already?

<333 Luca (no homo)


I am a tit. Too emotional :wenger2:


But most importantly, WHO IS THE CAPTAIN?