Alexis Sánchez


Take your dogs with you and leave. Good riddance.


Far too much bitching from him today in addition to dropping deeper and deeper whilst vacating space up top.

I read that he didn’t have a single touch in the opposition box for the whole game? That’s God awful.

Playing against a well organised defence will show the limitations to Sanchez as a CF more often than not.


Needs to fuck off to wherever he wants to go in a hurry


Exactly. It’s clear he is just playing for himself. Too selfish.


Last crop of posts is quite a summary of how fickle football fans (I will refrain from saying Arsenal fans as I believe this is a recurring behavior all over football fan-base) are.


It’s sad how quickly people forget though isn’t it?


Human nature I suppose.


The fact his form hasn’t been good in the last few games also coincides with our performances.

It is obviously not a coincidence and shows how weak our first team is without him.

It also shows Wenger’s stupidity by not buying the required quality to play with Sanchez.

If we lose him and don’t replace him, as well as get a couple of other players of his quality, expect us to drop out of the CL places.


Not really though. I’ve held this view for a long long time (since the start of last season) that despite having incredible skill, technical ability and very good end product, he is way too selfish to play in a system that we aspire to play in. There is way too much focus for him to be the main man, the savior whatever you’d like to call that. He slows the the game down way way too often to get those extra touches so that he can perform his Hollywood moves.

It isn’t a surprise that our style of play has gone south in the last 3 seasons. He wants to play everywhere and make every decisive pass and as a result the pace of our game severely suffers and it affects the output of several other players as he often occupies their space and lacks tactical discipline.

Now I am not saying that he is not a great player and we wouldn’t miss his output, but I don’t think he’s a player who thinks about team so much. He’d thrive in a system where everything goes through one man, much like at Madrid a couple of seasons back, but he hasn’t got the quality to be at Ronaldo’s level where he can get away with this. We’d probably be better off with a player in the Hazard mould as it’d make the system more fluid. I think that this is the primary reason Barca let him go soon.

Despite his cut and thrust style, his attitude has sucked over the last few months and I think we’d do okay without him if he is adequately replaced, but that is a different story.


I think this is complete and utter rubbish. One of the worst assessments of Alexis Sanchez I have ever read.


Yet somehow I don’t remember you coming in here saying he should fuck off when he is banging in the goals. You certainly weren’t here when he hattricked West Ham. When things go south, everyone rushes in to express their views that they held in the closet for so long. Sanchez has contributed at least one goal or assist for this team in the EPL this season alone 15 out of 24 times (63%).

No, Wenger wants that. Sanchez and Ozil have a Wenger free pass to do what they want on the pitch. Do you really believe that someone who doesn’t follow tactical instructions and interferes with the style of play would be on the team sheet? And you are right, Ramsey, Xhaka, El-Neny and Coquelin speed up the pace of our game tremendously, while Sanchez cocks things up.

Actually Barca let him go because they wanted Suarez whom I am only guessing they considered the better player (hardly arguable) and they needed to open up funds as well as first team space for him.

Also I have to disagree about the selfish part on behalf of Sanchez. I agree he holds on to the ball for far too long at times but the motivation is different from being selfish. He actually always releases the ball to Ozil when he is near. He just doesn’t trust the others to create. And it is understandable, when you are surrounded by the likes of Ramseys, Chamberlains, Walcotts, Coquelins and you are the best player in the team, no wonder you will think you will do a better job with the ball than they will.


Hes really not a complete enough footballer for Barca really.
Hes a great talent though but im never certain of were he plays.
At times yesterday some of his runs were incredibly stupid. Its really poor how he has no presence in these games.


Henry would keep coming deep to get involved if he was an Arsenal player in 2017.

It’s like when you’re playing football in the playground and the best kid is on your team. When you’re 1-0 up he’s happy to play with the team but when you’re 3-0 down he’s basically going where the ball is and trying to do it all himself because he knows he’s better than all of you and doesn’t trust you to do what needs to be done.

Forwards are generally the most selfish and we know he has this childish streak so what can we expect from him if the team is shite and he’s not involved? He’s never going to be the player that holds his position on the line and waits patiently for the midfield to do something for him for the whole game. He likes linking up with Ozil but I can see why at times he’d give up on the rest of them.


This is a very good post and somes up Alexis weaknesses as much as some won’t want to hear them. His other issue is his off the ball movement is very poor, always running to the ball wherever it is on the pitch, which time and again comprimises attacking shape. He got the exact same criticisms at Barce, overdribbling, passing to the opposition and generally losing possession.

He is a great dribbler, great technique, great shot but a poor footballing brain. Some Arsenal deprived fans are happy to ignore the last point because the other facets of his game are so good. But in truth his lack of intelligence is part of the reason for our lack of fluid football.

People also forget that he’s having a poor game when he then pulls a goal or 2 out of the bag. You could argue rightfully so. But when those goals don’t come his weaknesses are magnified but in truth they were always there, just masked by goals.

That aside a false 9 and a floating number 10 just does not work as a system


Henry did drop to the left wing to help build up the play. He wouldn’t be utterly brainless like Alexis and decide to play sweeper one minute because that’s where the ball was. Henry had great movement and played for the team, Alexis just wants to chase the ball around the pitch wherever it is.

Neither did Maradona either in a weaker team than Arsenal. There’s no excuse for Alexis piss poor movement and constant loss of possession.

BTW Alexis was berrated for being selfish when playing with Messi too, it wasn’t because Messi wasn’t good enough, it’s because that’s how Alexis plays.


Sanchez wasn’t great yesterday, but when your midfield is dominated to the extent ours was then the forwards are always going to suffer.

I knew having the much-vaunted mobile front 3 of Sanchez, Walcott, Iwobi wouldn’t achieve much because of the level of control they had in the middle of the park. Both Welbeck and Giroud needed to come on earlier than they did, we had more joy with half-crosses coming in from wide, with just no Giroud on the pitch to attack them. Also Welbeck is clearly our most in-form player at present.

Playing through Chelsea was a no-no, I can’t recall it working once in 90 minutes.


Sanchez played a bad game and I hate when he doesn’r pass the ball but prefers to dribble and lost the ball helping the counterattacks of the opponents… but, I can’t blame him for yesterday when his team-mates on attack have not performed like him and our midfield has been bullied.

How many good balls he received, yesterday?


Pep knew everything about him.


Pep talked about his wrong attitude to want playing every game despite his form. About his football style he was satisfied of him, in fact he was a starter with him.


This reads like one of those texts you send when you’re pissed, where you have to reread the words over and over and double check there’s no typos, but it still fundamentally makes zero sense.