Alexis Sánchez


Seems nailed on agent issues now doesn’t it. Alexis is one of europes top players, it’s unsurprising we aren’t prepared for smooth sailing.


What do we mean by “agent issues”? Agents are employed by and act on behalf of players, so if the contract issue isn’t progressing then surely it’s an issue with the player?


Not really sure to tell the truth. I base that statement entirely on what Alexis said about not knowing himself, and only being interested in playing.

Have you read the quote above? If so what do you think?


I think Alexis has too much respect for Pires to tell him to mind his own business. :slight_smile:


Yeah I read it. It sounds to me like an evasive statement, the kind of thing you say because you don’t want to tell somone what is really going on.


@JakeyBoy @shamrockgooner perhaps you are both right! Makes sense now that you mention it.


I think it is often the case that an Agent will push for a bigger deal than even the player necessarily wants because the agent gets greedy and wants a larger 10% cut.


Featured in The Big Interview

Finally Alexis, what are your ambitions for 2017 here at Arsenal?
I feel really happy and comfortable at the club. I want to give the supporters a new title. We always get our fans’ support through thick and thin, which is great. We must win the Premier League or Champions League for them.


It’s his last big contract in all likelyhood and he’s one of Europe’s very best. His agent will have been told how much Alexis could make at United, Real, Bayern, Chelsea, PSG etc. Can we beat them for wages?


Not a fan of the patronising way the article is written “Wenger will explain that he has two front men who need game time,” but looks like no Sanchez for the FA Cup game. I guess with a mid week game next week followed by Chelsea it’s the sensible thing to do.


If you are happy here just fucking sign a new contract :wink:


Same old shit different player… Right back to Vieira.


Just fucking play him on saturday. Adjust the training. No second chances if we lose this, you can drop points and still make top 4.


Again, way too selfish in certain situations where the ball clearly needs to be moved on. As much as I love Sanchez, this is a trait that’s hindering us in the final third. Tends to happen moreso when he is shifted out wide.


Him against the World, because is the only with dignity and passion. He tries to solve the problem and I will never blame him for that.


Wondet what he thinks after yesterday :xhaka:


Probably the same as before yesterday, I’m as good as gone in the summer.


He can’t be happy here as he starts to realise how hopeless it is under Wenger but I don’t really see where he can go. It’s his last contract and money will be the priority, unless he wants to go to China who can offer him serious wages aside from us? Can Juve, I guess, especially if Dybala leaves? Bayern won’t be in for him…I guess one of Chelsea, United, or City could get involved but given our strong financial position we won’t sell and he’d have to run down his contract.

Think the most likely situation is we eventually cave in to his demands and he re-signs. Hopefully he’s not a big fan of Wenger, though, and can be a force to getting him out this summer. Doubt it though.

edit: forgot about PSG. That could make sense, especially if Di María leaves.


PSG are a massive shout and with the ageing Ribery and Robben, what makes you think Bayern are no chance of being in for him ? Agreed the other option is he goes to City or Chelsea on a free a year later, but its hard to see us not selling him this summer should he refuse to sign a contract.


After going through all this shit with Nasri, Fabregas and van Persie it’s ridiculous this is happening again.

What have we done to deserve all these great players leave and be stuck with Wenger. :cry::cry::cry: