Alexis Sánchez


The Alexis from last season didn’t want to leave. The reason he has declined is his hearts not in it anyone as he doesn’t want to be here.


Chile aren’t in the World Cup anymore; oddly enough he played the same way with them.


Maybe he did create the most chances. But I can easily see the team creating more chances as a whole if he wasn’t there, without him losing possession so cheaply all the time, and maybe Arsenal wouldn’t get countered so easily all the time without him losing the ball.



Take the money and help the poor.

I’ve heard Kroenke’s ranch needs 30m for a new fence.

He is desperate for your help.
If we can get 30m for Sanchez we will all be happy knowing we have helped our owner and plugged the gaps in his fence.

When he has sorted that out he might start thinking about the gaps in our first team.


Clearly not playing for the team. So fucking annoying. Hope we sell him in january. Less technical players, but more united.


Another garbage performance


Sell him FFS! He is holding us back with his refusal to pass the ball. Fucking greedy cunt.


What does it take for him to be subbed?

Wenger scared to take him off incase he does one of his childish tantrums?


Sack him off completely. Contributing nothing at the moment and often ruins promising attacks. Sad it’s ended this way but he is a shadow of the player we saw last season.



Alexis should still start because he brings more than most on our team. Put him at CF where he doesn’t have to create as much and let Iwobi play on the left. Drop useless Laca if anything.


We support Arsenal, not a single player. #Alexisout #FuckChile #Chileansuck


Bad game but still assisted our equaliser, that’s what world class players do, we’ll miss a game changer like him, and I agree he should be given another run up front as he was the closest player Arsenal have seen to Henry or RVP playing there last season


Who gives a fuck about an assist. He always ruins our attack by keeping the ball too much. He clearly doesn’t want to be here anymore. #Alexisout





Out, tbh.


Honestly I’d rather have Alexis do what he did today than mindless passing around the box and keeping possession with 0 threat.


He’s done that since he’s joined, it’s not a new thing. He’s the main outlet for goals in our team so he should always play. He’s contributing to goals I’m happy enough with that