Alexis Sánchez


Alexis looks not so happy, instead :mustafi:


Ive literally never seen anyone other than Wenger wear them.


Thought he was quality against Tottenham tbh.


Would you wear them?


Fess up, Trion. You know you want one.:wenger:


I really really wanna.:sweat_smile:

I hope it comes with a bottom attachment. would make a good sleeping bag as well.


You could fit Cazorla, Sanchez and his two dogs in it.


Get this fraud out my club


Time to reignite my agenda against Alexis


being saying for about a year now, the guy is a fucking annoying selfish liability I don’t give a fuck if he fucks off…ozil will be a bigger loss but if both go we will go on. I think we will be more of a team without Sanchez maybe even both, at least we will fucking pass to each other instead of those 2 always looking for each other that is why lacazette never gets service an so many fucking goalscoring opportunities go to waste. I genuinely feel we will play better without him in our team.


Please fuck off to wherever you want to and try your Hollywood acts there.
Cost us the third goal and did nothing but give away possession all game. Can’t wait for him to be gone honestly


It’s pretty obvious he doesn’t want to be here and he is only playing for himself.
We should have sold him early in the last transfer window and gone all out and got Lemar to play with Ozil and Lacazette.
But instead kept an unhappy player who clearly doesn’t rate the players he plays with.

Just sell him and save the money until we have the chance to replace him.


Problem is though he was fucking doing it before this season and for a very long time almost as long as i can remember. He has pretty much from the very beginning once he settled in done what he wanted to do and use Arsenal basically as a venue to showcase himself ‘look at me everyone i run everywhere i do everything look at me i am elite i am better than everyone here’ After a while it got to the dressing room and the amount of upsets between players and fights etc. Been saying it for so long now but people are only starting to slowly wake up to it and feel it is happening now because he wants to move but he has been a cunt for a long long time.


Fucking atrocious performance. Don’t care about the one pass in fifteen that worked out he was so wasteful and refused to even do the basics. Predictable as fuck in and around the box too.


Only issue with him playing shitty lately is that he probably won’t get any better offers now and end up signing back with us for crazy money lol.


Wasn’t impressed with his performance either but I did read that he created 5 chances yesterday, and no other player on the pitch managed to top that.


Not surprised by that. More than anyone else on the team he makes things happen. the idea that we’d be better off without him is honestly ridiculous.


Was awful yesterday tbh. Were was Alexis from the Tottenham game.


Where is Alexis from last season? He’s really declined


Don’t want to be here lol!