Alexis Sánchez


yup because he is selfish and holds the ball for too long, for all his attributes he fucks the team over time and time again only to throw his hands up when the opposition scores from a ball he collects and loses in midfield. I genuinely feel we play better without him on the pitch, the fucker runs around like an asshat looking busy but doing pretty much fuck all apart from being ‘hey guys look at me i do sooooooooooooooo much for the team look at me run look at me run’


Double edged sword with players that have a high risk play style, surreal when it comes off, underwhelming when it doesn’t.

Won’t fault him for trying to make something out of nothing though, well worth the pay off and my god has it brought us all some wonderful moments of joy over the last few years.


I’d guess they were 2nd, 3rd and 4th top scorers in the league in that time so they’re probably doing something right.


I think because he is our best player and the most effective, he will be given the ball more than a player who isn’t.
So if he has possession more than any other player, as well as doing things most other players aren’t capable of, then he probably will get dispossessed more.

It’s a bit like saying Aguero misses more goal opportunities than Debuchy.


His ratio of dribbles to dispossed is the highest in the PL by far and he doesn’t even average the highest successful dribbles in the PL. Zaha, Hazard, Boufal and Traore all made more but their ratio of getting dispossed was all significantly better. Yes Zaha had a better ratio than Alexis Sanchez. So it’s not that he has the ball the most it’s that he overdribbles the most because he’s either selfish or brain dead.


Are Zaha and Alexis dribbling in the same areas of the pitch?


Given Alexis often dribbles as a sweeper probably not.


Not surpised at that stat. He often ignores his team mates in far better positions during attacks. Yes his selfishness may result in a goal but only like 1 out of 8 times.


Regardless of what any stat says we’re a better team with than without him. I’m not dismissing any of the valid points made about him but it comes down to that simple reality for me.


He might be selfish but when you are the best and most effective attacking player in the PL, as well as one of the hardest working, he can carry on doing it.

If we had a couple more players of his quality then maybe he wouldn’t have to do all the work.
I can’t imagine why he wants to leave.


We’ve actually been a better team and played better football when he hasn’t played. He can give you a goal or moment of genius out of nothing granted but he doesn’t make us a better team. You can’ t play 1 touch intricate football with him ball hogging. The link up between Iwobi, Welbeck and Lacazette is better football than what we get with Alexis starting.


Gifting the ball to the opposition isn’t effective. That’s why Barce shifted him, he breaks down team play. What was his excuse for overdribbling there? Was he too good for Messi or something?


I disagree and it’s clear enough from the rest of your post we mean different things when we use that term.


He has got us more points and won us more games than any other player, and was the best player in the PL last season,
He has also been our best player since he came here, so if he makes a few runs and loses the ball, I’m ok with that.
What’s he supposed to do with the ball when he is playing with the likes of Ramsey, Walcott, Iwobi, Welbeck and Giroud?

You’ll be saying next you want him to leave.


Our attacking play today really seemed to benefit without him in the side getting dispossessed, maybe when he departs in the summer we can expect a title challenge next season ? Btw what was the reason for him not being in the squad ?




Fucking weak from Wenger not playing him. Why is this different from every other national break where he’s played for us?


I think he is refusing to play and is sulking like a cunt because his nation are not in the world cup, telling wenger his mind is not on it and his heart is sick probably, fucking little prick.


Wouldn’t surprise me either. Honestly just sell Özil and Alexis in January. They clearly don’t give a fuck as they are leaving. If you are leaving a job you don’t care anymore as that’s just human nature. I would feel the same.

Wenger 2017 summer again was an absolute shambles.


talk about just making shit up