Alexis Sánchez


nope, have you seen his attitude, i think it fits his whiney little bitch attitude towards the club and its a valid excuse for him not to play. I know you love sanchez but take your blinkers off!


Exactly. So you made some stuff up,


well lets face it, he used to want to play every moment of every game so much so that he was having to be told to slow down, now all of a sudden he cannot play, after WC dissappointment, please dont say that he is making excuses not to play ‘oh i am not right in my head right now’ never stopped himself playing before.


That quote only exists in your head.


come off it shamrock, of course he is playing the fool, as stated you couldnt stop him playing before, so you just know he is messing about and the WC thing will be just the excuse he needs, its not a far leap really its just that you dont wanna see it.


I can see how you can make the leap. But you’re even admitting it’s a leap. So yea, like i said, you’re making stuff up.


We should sell them for whatever amount we can just so we can get some cash in and get them off the wage bill because this summer clearly shows we need whatever cash we can scrape together.

It’s funny because we haven’t played Sanchez this season so we may as well have just taken the City money which was a good offer if we never intended to play the cunt after all even if it didn’t give us enough time to properly replace him because we’re just playing Welbz and Iwobi anyway.


Haha this is exactly what I said last night when I saw the team line ups come out, why didn’t we just sell ozil and Sanchez in the summer as we are barely playing them.


This is why Wenger is so bad in the transfer market.
He just waits far too long to sort anything out.
For a manager of his experience, his lack of pro-activeness in the market is astonishing.



Good as he looks committed at the moment and we need him to have any chance to qualify for next season’s Champions League.


I don’t see how he fits in at City atm anyway. I suppose you make space for a player of his quality but they are totally stacked in attacking positions and why upset the apple cart?


Yeah I think Sanchez would be a lot better fit for Man United, though I think Bayern would be his best fit with the ages of Robben & Ribery but I don’t see that happening due to wages.


This is how Man City would line up if they had Alexis Sanchez:


I think it might be a rude awakening for Alexis if he were to go to a team regimented in their formation. The last 2-3 seasons at Arsenal, he has been given a free role, to play the way he sees fit. Our very own MVP.
Systematically, the likes of Sane, Jesus, KDB and Silva are better players. By now, Alexis might have a complex and think he walks straight into that Man City side.


The only way I can see Man City wanting him is if they get an injury crisis in midfield.
Is Sanchez going to want to go to a club where he might not be in the starting line up every week?

But it’s clear that Guardiola is collecting world class midfielders and with money no object Sanchez falls into that category and is available, so it could happen.

They have seven or eight midfield players that would get in our first team and we have one that would get in theirs, and he is the player that might join them, and to make it worse, it could be on a on a free transfer.


Delph > Xhaka being the pick of the bunch.


Good. Stay with us to help us finish 4th.


But he is not helping us at the moment more hindering us. His lack of tatical discipline is hurting the team. It’s the reason we a so disjointed


Alexis would start for City lol. He’s probably going to miss out on a PFA player of the year + PL title double this season because that move fell through.