Alexis Sánchez


Just came back on to say Arsene Wenger and the board are fucking jokes. Should be ashamed of how they’ve handled this.


if he does leave on a free next summer then I want one more amazing season out of him, hopefully he doesn’t sulk, moan and cause issues in the dressing room



Look at the poor lad. He looks devastated. Obviously doesn’t want to play for Chile anymore


The only person to gain out of not going to Man City is Sanchez.

At the end of this season he walk straight into the arms of someone like Mourinho and will receive the biggest signing on fee any player has got and we will get nothing.

Nice work by our club.


Cmon man surely If he can help us get back into the CL it will be worth it cause adding Lamar and losing Sanchez was only going to weaken us further.


1000 yard stare of a man that’s seen some shit. Like Welbeck trying to control a football under pressure.


Not sure we can make the 4th spot but europas a good chance. Id have to agree though 92 million was way too much and would have probably have brought an expectation of too much on the player as well.


Theres absolutely nothing stopping Sanchez being an utter cunt all season. He’ll still be first choice for his country, and there wont be shortages of offers from other clubs in January and June next year.


We need to fuck him about completely and tell him we won’t stop until he signs a 1 year extension so we can get a fee for him next year, Ozil too


I’ve said it before, but Sanchez’s DNA is programmed to go out there and give it all he’s got. Everything else is secondary.


As if that is a binary choice.


It’s a worry but the man is a professional. With the way he plays I’m less concerned by him than I would be if it were someone like Ox in this situation. Sanchez seems to be hungry no matter what.


^ My point exactly.


In a world where we handle our business properly yes we sell Sanchez early and take that money and buy Mahrez and Seri. That’s a massive upgrade to this team. I’m not saying we did good, just that in the situation presented today, I’m glad it worked out how it did. If it was up to Gazidis we’d have sold Sanchez and probably got nothing because Lemar doesn’t want us with no CL. Wenger is bad in the market but our clubs higher ups are just as if not more clueless and probably care less what happens on the field of play.


Should have moved on everyone who wasn’t willing to sign a contract at the beginning of pre season tbh and built a new team from there. Even Özil if it was needed, from whom we merely got a statement that he’d talk with the club when back at Arsenal from pre-season. Not a word since…


Run his ass into the ground then–he can play every cup game, PL, etc.

Worried that his attitude will be one of fuck it and infect an already fragile lockeroom even more.

Would be the most Arsenal thing for him to get injured now.


As much as having Alexis run his contract down is a conundrum for this club, let’s not lose focus on our main problem, which is the manager, the board and their absolute lack of a footballing ambition, and the total disregard of us fans.

Even if Alexis were sold, and we had bought a replacement, we would still have a shit or worse season. Even if Alexis plays his heart out from now to the end of the season and scores 30 plus goals, we will still have a shit season. So I say, fuck it, let the club lose money on him. I couldn’t care less cause they don’t care about us. Let them lose money on Ozil too for all I care.


Oh c’mon! He doesn’t want to stay with us anymore. I wonder how many months he is gonna spend out “injured” now.


I do love Arseblog :smile: :smile:

Man City were said to be furious because that meant that we then nixed the Sanchez departure, but quite frankly Man City can stick it up their holes