Alexis Sánchez


Hahahaha. Shall we get the violin out?


Oh fuck off City


Can’t wait to see just how unmotivated he is for us this season.


Reports suggesting he does not want to play for us again and will try and force our hand in January.


This has been handled comically badly, haha.


Lets be honest. Arsenal were never going to win the PR perception on this one regardless of if we kept him or not.

Think the not playing for us angle is BS


He has to play for us. Contract!


Yeah I personally think he will get over his tantrum shortly, will play out the season & then fuck off to City.


It came from Chris Wheatley at I believe, yeah…


I agree we would be weaker but we are going to be weaker anyway because Sanchez is going to cause more trouble than he is worth.
His attitude, especially smirking on the bench at our pathetic performance against Liverpool, stinks.
We should have sold him earlier in the window and got a decent replacement, whether it was Mahrez, Lemar or anyone of the players we could afford.

At least we would have had a player that wants to play for us rather than a sulky, petulant player like Sanchez who has a has a history of being disruptive.

It’s clear he has little respect for Wenger or the club and seems incredibly self obsessed.
He is easily our best and most influencial player but if he is unhappy he is going to be a hindrance rather than an asset.

I have just read what you wrote here and agree, this is what we should have done.

In a world where we handle our business properly yes we sell Sanchez early and take that money and buy Mahrez and Seri. That’s a massive upgrade to this team.


I’m still hoping Sanchez will do a Suarez and sign a new contract. Still expect him to leave next summer, but it’ll paint him in a better light if he does his current club a favour. Didn’t Suarez win player of the season in his final year? Come on Alexis, sign da ting!


Yeah it was the 2013/2014 season when Suarez was just insanely good.


I think you under estimate the lack of team spirit. When the chips are down which trust me they will be more than once this season you expect Alexis to be up for it and not piss of the rest off the squad with his antics. Remember he ain’t got anything to lose, he’ll be off to win trophies soon enough


This club is a fucking joke. Been singing Wenger out since 2007, still not gone yet. Anyone who thinks we’re going to get top 6 this season is out of their minds. We’ve sold like 6/7 players. Yes, most were fringe - but Gabriel and Chamberlain wtf?? Feel sorry for Lacazette and Kolasanic tbh…


He wasn’t in the final year of his contract.

In other news, still absolutely stunned at how inept, retarded, and shambolic this club is. In what world do you turn down £60m that you will not get again, because you can’t get a fucking replacement in? Good luck buying Lemar for £92 in the next window, without those £60m.


What a load of bollocks.We have handled things badly but the media vultures are at it again with the random fake news.

This is a guy that plays through injuries when we told him not to. He trains through injuries. He will play. He is not a Tevez type guy who will sulk on the sidelines.

City were the biggest cunts with this fiasco imo. If they wanted him, they should have come in earlier with a serious bid. But they waited until the last minute when a replacement was going to be tough and we wouldn’t sell and all they managed to do was unsettle Alexis a bit. He was pretty happy to stay until then.

Absolutely pricks. Now they’re annoyed at us? Give me a break. They lodge a complaint, we should for that dumb ass tapping up behaviour


Why would you feel sorry for laca and kola? Surely ArsenalRDAbest?


Suarez had an influential character like Gerrard in his ear for him to sign and leave later. Who will talk to Sanchez in our team. Our players are laughable and Sanchez respects none of them except Ozil maybe.


Oh I know that. I just meant the situations were similar. Both wanted to leave during the summer, Suarez was angry that he was made to stay - even did an interview complaining about Liverpool and threatened to not play - and Sanchez is apparently angry too. Yet Suarez managed to put it all behind him and have the season of his life, while also signing a new deal as a sweetener to the club (and higher wages no doubt) before getting his move the following summer. Would be nice for Sanchez to do the same, though I think he is probably too selfish to do it.


This guy :theo: