Alexis Sánchez


Did you read my post at all?


No use in keeping a player who doesn’t want to be here. We haven’t been in any closer to a title with Alexis in the team and we probably won’t be any closer this year either. And to be fair to Alexis, the club probably made a bunch of promises to lure him here but couldn’t live up to them and that’s probably a big part of why he’s trying to leave.

It’s no secret that this club’s main priority isn’t winning and he realizes that so he wants to go to greener pastures. I can’t blame player for wanting to maximize their best shot at winning trophies. It’s just a shame that this club couldn’t be more proactive until we lost Champions league football.


Players should always behave professionally, it doesn’t matter how unambitious the club are, and any player who wants to act like a dick, should be treated like one.
I would absolutely love it if we kept Sanchez, and then let him fe-ckin rot in the reserves…


Yes, and I agree with you.


Christ. Is this cunt still here?


Yes Maxi is still here

Dont be so fecking rude :wink:


Can we have less of the c word please


“Christ. Is this DICK still here?”

Is that better? :santi2:


Dick just doesn’t have the gravitas of cunt :slight_smile:


Buy him some players. It’s like toys with kids :hipster:


I think Christ is a very common way to express frustration.


Are you calling Christ a cunt? :stuck_out_tongue:


I do not understand some people saying we should sell him for £40 or £50m and be done with it.

With Alexis, chances of re-qualifying for Champions League are infinitely higher than without him. CL Quali should bring in at minimum £35m and could easily rise to £50m and higher.

Trying to replace him with a player of the same caliber is virtually impossible with Arsenal’s finances. Besides, there really aren’t that many players out there who hold up to Alexis.

With Champions League comes the benefit of being able to attract better players next year.

If we let him leave to ManC, we stand the change of getting 5th place, right behind ManC. Why would we help out ManC for that money if in the end it would have been a ‘wash’ ? No brainer to me. I fully understand Arsenal Wenger when he says Alexis is not leaving.

I say keep him and let him go on a free if he wishes to do so next year (although I hope he gets to his senses and signs a new contract before December).


The logic behind ‘sell him now’ is as much to do with the idea that over the next 10 months or so he’s clearly/probably/possibly (delete as applicable) going to be at the centre of discord within the group. I hate seeing player power win but I totally get that argument. Sanchez’ natural ability is such that he can get away with doing the bare minimum required for the year and still end up rich and with new clubs queuing up. Is that going to sit well with the likes of Aaron Ramsey?



maybe he is actually ill and just needs a few days to recover, I don’t go into work even if I have a cold


That’s a “no” then.

[quote=“LukeTheGooner, post:3947, topic:98, full:true”]
maybe he is actually ill and just needs a few days to recover, I don’t go into work even if I have a cold
[/quote]If I was getting paid more than 100k a week and doing something I loved doing, and would pay to do it, as well as doing it in front of massive crowds who love what you do, I wouldn’t miss any time off work :grinning:

Even if he has got a cold, he should still be here.
He is definitely angling for a move, and if he is doing this before the season has started, then we should get the 50m and buy a player that wants to play for us.


I would still stay at home, I hate being anywhere but home when I’m ill (even if I was a footballer)


Ofcourse he is, why give him what he wants, 50m isn’t enough to wipe your ass with in modern football. There’s 3 options to deal with this, Alexis can get to work putting a case for City to pay him 400k a week or whatever he wants, he can play in the reserves and get less than half that, or he can be sold for 100m

He can be the biggest cunt possible until deadline day but after that he’s back to making his future a reality from hard work. Time for Arsenal to stop bending over.


“Alexis, you are staying”
“Hola Arséne! I am Pep!”