Alexis Sánchez


They are closer than we are… either way, I reckon he was hoping Bayern or others would get more involved… plus, there is the whole money thing…


He sounds like he could even stay, but not gonna renew.


How do they’ve never past the last 16 like we have


They made the semi finals just last year :wink:


Not any specific games, no. But I do think Alexis gets a pass from some fans who love seeing “pashun” when in reality sometimes it’s better to hold your tongue.

Obviously he’s our best player by a mile and the team would be much weaker without him in it.


I don’t understand why anyone berates a professional sportsman for showing ambition. It’s like when people got up in arms over Ramsey mentioning Madrid. It’s exactly that attitude that got them where they are today.

Keep him for a season, if he leaves replace with another top draw signing and move on. He says he wants trophies, but In reality, if that was the be all and end all we wouldn’t have heard Bayern sacking him off because he wants €20m a season.

€20m ffs.

No club is paying him that. Once reality sets in he and if we have a solid season I expect him to sign.


He’s for sale. That 90 million quip is a dog whistle telling everyone that he’s yours for 45 million. And I would jump all over that in this situation.


“I want to play in the Champions League.”

He gone breh.


Yeah, the club aren’t getting 90m for him but he’s also priced himself out of a move to anywhere but City (if you believe his insane wage demands).

Personally I think if the club can sign Lemar, Alexis will be given the green light to move on. It’s not how I would handle things, just a prediction.


You would let him run his contract down then?


Well it sounds like criticism for the sake of it then. He gets a pass from me because he’s our best player, our most effective, our most creative, our top goalscorer…and so on.


We better not buckle as I don’t think anyone will offer a fee worth selling him for, just keep him for another 12 months.


There is no guarentee, but City will have a better team than Arsenal and will be closer to winning the Champions League/Premier League.

Fun fact; all the bigger named/better players who left us won at least one League title. Too say players leave North London for the money is rubbish.


With that kind of logic there’s no reason for any player to join any club that isn’t Barca, Real, Bayern or Juventus. We’ve certainly based a lot of our transfer policy on taking players from non CL clubs and selling them the dream of CL football.

If you assume Alexis has 4 years left at the top, if he wants to win the CL then spending one of those 4 years outside the CL isn’t really a good idea, and then spending the 3 after that at Arsenal is probably not too great an idea either.

Of all his potential destinations, City are his best bet of the CL.

It’s funny how Guardiola was the biggest change for City last season but this season I don’t even think I’ve heard his name mentioned. And the majority of fans appeared to have given up on Wenger but we’re somehow expecting the players to not have done the same.

If I was him, even if you were forgetting the money and who had the best players, I wouldn’t want to spend another season at Wenger’s Arsenal. Especially after I’d just had the best season of my career and the rest of the team was unable to get anywhere near to my level. Players in that situation leave 5th placed teams to go to 1st / 2nd placed teams all the time and in his 3 years here I think he should have seen enough to suggest a big turning point isn’t just around the corner.

If your ambition is to win the CL and PL then I’d take City led by Guardiola over Arsenal led by Wenger any day. We’re perfectly capable of making a couple of buys and building a squad capable of competing but I wouldn’t trust Wenger to keep the momentum up for 38 games and I wouldn’t commit basically the rest of my career to him if there was another possibility available.


Your speaking a lot of sense but I didn’t enjoy reading it.


He’s holding all the cards, if it’s money he’s after it’s a win-win situation for him, getting a huge pay raise from us or some fantasy signing bonus next year. If he’s all about ambition and winning the CL, or even the PL, he’s at the wrong club and should leave sooner then later. I personally think he’s all about the money.


Oh my they made it once let’s celebrate :tada:, that means they’ve got a better chance.


Stop making sense breh


They certainly have next season, and probably every season while they have Guardiola and we have Cech.

We sell world class players and they buy them.

Wenger hasn’t changed.
There’s no shift in his transfer policy, he was never going to spend 125m on Mbappe, and we will only get Lemar if Sanchez leaves, and this is the main reason Sanchez won’t stick around.

He knows this window is going to be the usual under whelming lack of activity and the same tired excuses.
Unlike the supporters, he can do something about the situation.
He can stay here, and watch us stagnate or he can go to a club with ambition.


I apologise for being so rude but you really are one obtuse fuck sometimes.