Alexis Sánchez


Would be a great move for him.


TBH only Bayern and Juve makes sense going abroad if he wants to play for a European elite.


Will be one of those two for sure, or perhaps PSG

If he wants to hoover up a few league titles and have an easier time of it culturally, I reckon it might be Juve


Be interesting to see how he fairs in a team where he will have to pass the ball to his team mates, and cant be the focal point. Wasnt this one of the reasons why he was outed by Barca?


Yeah according to Barca fans it was his over dribbling and his poor Champions League form.


Would make a lot of sense. Robben will be 34 in January and he’s missing a lot of games already. The last time he played more than 25 games was three seasons ago.


Bayern is not going to pay Alexis anything close to £200k, simple


When you’re winning players might do some sacrifices on the financial side.


If I was Alexis I’d like 150-160 at Bayern over 180 k at Arsenal.


Difficult to tell with some players, for most at this stage of their career it’s a cash grab. Majority would rather have well paid long term deal rather less money on the off chance of securing major honours.

In Alexis’ case I doubt he’ll see successive Bundesliga titles as worth the pay cut. If his urge to win the CL was that strong he would have probably stayed at Barca tbh. He knew what level he was dropping down to when he joined. Arsenal will most likely offer him a £200K+ 5 year deal whereas Bayern, for someone who will be 29 in December, will offer £120K if he’s lucky on a 3 year deal along with no guarantee of starting or tactical freedom.

It’s all speculation but bare it mind only a few months ago Alexis indicated that he was happy to sign if the club ‘show confidence’ in him. Arsenal’s competitive issues weren’t an issue for him then


Or he wants the cash grab, because we aren’t winning? If I were in his situation, and the team was failing, I would at least want to get paid. Didn’t we offer 200k? He still didn’t sign? Or that was supposed to be paper talk?

I don’t buy the whole ‘I’m happy to sign, if’-stuff from any player. I think that’s just talk to not alienate the fans and not destroy his image. Players are brands these days. Plus it puts the narrative at the club’ side. As in ‘they didn’t want me enough’ and takes away pressure from the player.


Swap him for Coman.


How are you so sure about this? Right now Alexis isn’t really on that much money that they couldn’t easily match it if needed.


Hard to be sure about anything with concrete evidence I doubt actually don’t doubt that Bayern could easily match what he’s currently on which is around the £130K mark (not sure whether that would appeal to him if Arsenal are offering alot more) but I’m convinced he won’t see anything near £200k. Bayern’s established stars and highest earners are reportedly on 160 and 150 euros, that coupled with Bayern’s views on massive wages I just don’t see him getting major money there.


Their top earners are apparently at around 10-12m Euros a year these days, which is only going to become more due to the Premier League money. Granted, it’s still speculative also from my side but so is £120K, which to me seems to be rather on the low side of what he could get.


Its even lower after tax.


Aren’t taxes pretty much the same between Germany and England anyway? München’s also a bit cheaper to live.


2% difference in favour of uk…45% v47%
Still nearly half his pay… Monaco would be a good move… Hardly any tax, up and coming team, high wage…Sunshine…
Just found this site cost if living comparisons…


Bayern generally don’t pay silly wages. But Chelsea would…


If this is true, I’d rather we just forced him to run out his contract.

But knowing how fucking spineless our club is, we’ll probably tell them we’ll give them a good deal.