Alexis Sánchez


Alexis would still play without a foot :mustafi:


Arsenal further endearing ourselves to Chile and it’s people :hugs:


With the exception of Alexis himself, Fuck Chile and its people…bunch of anti-Arsenal twats…next time they get stuck done a mine leave the fuckers there!


finally fucked himself over with his stupid childish mentality


Yeah fuck that nation of thundercunts.




Dyslexic mother fuckers the lot of them.


Damn straight. Finally someone got it right. Bunch of picantes harto rotos them, me cargan, gotta get that Chilean scourge out of her nomás.


So Wenger has the balls to drop him before the Liverpool game ? But does not have the balls to take him off at HT with possible ligament damage vs West Brom ? :joy:


You have to admire pullis.Lol.
At least he had a plan. Butcher Sanchez and they are fooked.
a blind man could see he was in for it from the first minute.


Who wears short shorts…

Look at how excited he is about being away from Arsenal :neutral_face:


Maybe it’s just really hot there, compared to London.


British people don’t know what hot weather is. Always raining out there :coq:


Yep Santiago is fucking hellhole.


Wonder how many times Vidal is going to publicly beg him to sign for Bayern again


As if that needed saying. :wink:


In its current state, who wouldn’t be happy to be away from Arsenal for a bit…


Interesting Article:

I have to say i think Sanchez is a great player but he seems a bit of a cunt even causing dressing room problems and problems with staff and other players. I kinda agree he works hard or seems to work hard, but just enough to put himself in the limelight and when things are tough and you really have to dig in up goes the arms with the shitty attitude and the snarls and sneaky grins and pointing of the fingers.


I think you meant La Paz. @AbouCuellar :wink: