Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


Told ya, this is only the beginning for Ox. Beautiful goal. He’ll do that a couple times against lolpool in a few weeks :slight_smile:

Arsène Wenger

Yeah maybe he’ll reach a personal best of 3 goals in total for the season.


I didn’t see the match but I’ve seen the goal since then. Fantastic finish


Why oh why do he have to waste 1 of his couple of goals for the season in a Pre season friendly ?


I think this is a make or break season for Ox…has had plenty of chances in the last few seasons and hasn’t delivered on a consistent basis. Needs to score alot more goals and be consistently good. Ball retention for me is a big weakness of his still which needs to be addressed. Personally I wanted a new winger and would have sent Ox out on loan to give him first team football each week but that looks unlikely, so hopes he takes his chance this season. Seems like a great lad, liked by the other players but now needs to deliver for us this season. IF this is Wenger’s last season then I doubt that a new manager would show the same level of faith in him as Wenger has over the last few years.


Looked good and up for it, capped his display with a great goal. Couldn’t of asked for more from him today.

More of the same please.


I think everyone said the same thing about Ox last season & will likely say the same thing this time next year when he has another disappointing season… No season is make or break at Arsenal, we accept mediocrity.


That’s harsh mate…he is a young player who has suffered from injuries - don’t forget he is only 22. The fact that we purchased him when he was young and hance he has been at the club for a few years now shouldn’t count against him. BUT he doesn need to start to deliver. I disagree that we accept mediocrity - we don’t want to become Liverpool and shell out millions of pounds on loads of new players who don’t actually improve our squad. We need to add quality to our squad.


For me he’ll be a good squad player at best, that’s his ceiling.

World beaters or future world class players simply have done much more by that age with a genuine break out season under their belts.

And putting that aside his football IQ seems to be very low or at the very least quite stunted, he rarely makes the right decision and isn’t the kind of player you see scoring a stack of goals or providing many assists.He should be out on loan to play regularly to assess him more thoroughly because as is he’s taking up the place of someone who could contribute much more.


How good is Wenger at coaching that power and directness out of players?





This guy is so unpredictable that that goal against Lens could just be the highlight of his season and you know I am not kidding.


Reminds me of last season when he scored a nice goal against Chelsea in the Community Shield and then had an absolute poop sandwich of a campaign which included getting subbed off due to not warming up correctly and being outplayed by Joel on the wing.


Lovely finish, but need to see more of that in games that matter this season. Remember when Carlos Vela did a cheeky little chip one time pre season?..


That’s all Carlos Vela ever did…Cheeky little chips.
And hookers.


Ox is good…like really fucking good.

But like any player, he won’t get to that next level if he cant stay fit and get a whole season under his belt. Like Wilshere, that’s the only thing stopping him.


Lovely goal, but if this is only one of the “few” goals or assists that we can show, it is sad actually, consider how long he has been with us.


He’s not comparable to Wilshere doesn’t have half the talent.

Whether he’s fit or not his trajectory is clear IMO.


I personally consider him an attribute player. Coined the term myself.


Yeah he’s got the attributes. His strength and dexterity are good. Not sure about his magic and vitality though.