Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


Who fucking moved him again?? :open_mouth:


The replacement is far more important than how much money we get from him.


It seems he didn’t go for the money, only getting 120,000 a week there, Seems it’s about playing Centre Midfield, his boyhood club and playing under Klopp. Damning statement really.


Can’t be true :open_mouth:


I can believe it, clearly wasn’t about the money.

When one of Wenger’s golden boys is abandoning the sinking ship you know things are well and truly fucked.


Well, it was clearly about the position he wanted to play in, given he turned down Chelsea. In which case I applaud Wenger for not making the disastrous decision to give him that assurance and resign him. It’s a monster Wenger created himself with his own bullshit but still, gotta give him credit for the few things he does right in the middle of this shitstorm.

In short, fucking pleased this has come to a good resolution. Don’t care about this season, just want the club not to be in a terrible situation when Wenger finally is gone.


Lol that we would offer him that much money


Unfortunately, I think its just a question of “how terrible” at this point.


We’re going back to 4 at the back.


And he’s taking a big wage cut in order to move. Kinda sums us up.


Good riddance.


Good luck to him. He thought about his career first which sums him as a player and person. Wanting to succeed in the position he naturally in. Not shoe horned on the right getting limited time in the central position which most here seem to forget. I believe he will replace coutinho and you will see a new ox playing as a 10


He isn’t replacing Coutinho.



Imagine Ox in that Klopp system. The way they press, holy shit Ox is going to be a beast there. Probably beat us 8 nil at the Emirates. Ox is going to destroy Xhaka tbh.


lol oops!


you’re all making it up in your heads

he’s fucking shit, got no footballing brain and is just a physical specimen

good riddance I say, £40 million? fuck yeah


Don’t know why what we get in a fee matters so much to the fans though, its not like it will be reinvested on players.


Southampton get 10mil of the fee apparently

So 40mil rising to 50mil

Becomes 35mil

Becomes only 25mil to Arsenal

The Trotters would thrash out a better deal


Ha forgot he played for Southampton. Liverpool can’t get any of their current crop so are now going after their old players! Someone needs to remind them that Walcott is also a former Saints player :grin:


Wenger called it