Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


It’s actually very very good business from us, only because we are going to lose him on a free anyways. We still have a huge fucking issue at CM and we aren’t buying anyone. I guess our only hope now is to bring Wilshere back in.

Edit: it maybe surprising for you all to hear this but I’m really happy he’s moved on. We got a nice chunk of change for him, he’ll get his chance at CM, and for once this window we saved some face and made a good deal.



£25m, 30m or 40m, STCC surely can’t be an issue now.

I expect an incoming.

NVM, Fuck this club.


As expected no replacement.



Hahahaha. We’ve sold Vieira, Henry, Fabregas and Van Persie but the Ox is the one to hold this title. Gas.



well I am glad he’s gone, called for him to be sold for last 3 seasons


Him going to Liverpool to play CM strengthens them very little.




We don’t need a replacement for Ox at RWB. We’ve got Bellerin, and we really should be using Debuchy. How can we expect anyone to be interested in buying our dead wood when they don’t feature for us, EVARRR. Besides Nelson really really should be getting some game time.


hopefully this move also means we’re switching back to the old formation, really glad we’re getting more then what Chelsea offered as well :slight_smile: honestly don’t think he will get that much game time at Liverpool, he’s not exactly better then any first 11 players they have


Record sale for someone who has only had a solid 6 months after like 6 years, in his final year of contract, and wants to play in a position he’s shite in. Good business.

Reckon one day he will realise he is a wing back at best and move back there.


And Milner is much better in CM and wing back than the ox lol


Let’s look at the situation like this …
We are selling our players to smaller clubs .


You’re really going to claim superiority over Liverpool after what they just did to us? Now is not the time for arrogance.


Good money for a player who we only ever got a half a good season from. He’s a Liverpool fan, he’s gets to be nearer his girlfriend, play in Centre midfield (think he play RWB) and probably develop into a top player, have my doubts on the last one but Klopp might work wonders. I don’t think he’s a big loss overall but it does make us look small time selling to a rival though.

Wenger won’t come good out of this, playing him on Sunday when you could clearly see he didn’t want to play for us. Another nail on Le Frauds coffin.


Anfield 89 done all the damage there .


Reckon this played a big part in his decision tbh


Then he’s an even bigger mug then one thought.

Is funny though that’s he’s going to a team that plays better football but is almost just as terrible defensively, will be winning even less there too.


He’s gone there for one season of champions league football. Fair play to him