AFC Bournemouth Vs Arsenal (PL)




Is it allowed to post stream links on here ?




Thanks :slight_smile:


Cracking goal by Daniels. Saw space and exploited it to perfection. Dont know if anyone picked up but apparently his family are half arsenal half tottenham! :smile:

Pretty poor from Bellerin though. Seemed almost Walcott esqe there.


Fook what a start, same old sh1te.


You know what over the course of this season, Xhaka has been little more than a liability.

Probably Coquelins fault though eh?


:joy::joy: ffs

Bournemouth very good. We’ve been awful


Only to be expected… Lame as fuck…


What a load of cack, we are fast becoming a joke.


cant count on cech to save those can you


2-0 down already. Has @GunnerGirl put the knockers on us again? :joy:


Going to win this 2-4. :smiley:


Defensively more sound without Ozil :joy:




Now lets not get too knee jerky here. Plenty of time left.

Both goals gifted, nothing more.


We are not scoring 3 goals, we have created sweet fuck all.


What the actual fuck has happened? Two inexcusable and avoidable goals. Fuck!


Then cue the resilience and mental strength comments.


Yea for Bournemouth to get a few more :wink: