2016/17 FA Cup


Save the fighting gloves for the final then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::facepunch:


Called it


Hmm not a bad draw to be honest. Losing to Manchester City is the most bearable out of the three. Think we might stack up well against them aswell.

Tottenham definitely getting the one team they wouldn’t fancy themselves against. All’s good.


Just glad we don’t have to witness a Chelsea v Spurs final. Imagine having to support Chelsea :grimacing:





Best possible draw, still hoping for a NLD final tbh…

Please let this game be played on Sunday!


We won’t beat City.


I wanted Spurs since knowing Kane is out. But anything that isn’t Chelsea is OK I guess, and if we’re going to lose then City will be the least painful team to lose to.


Agree with the general vibe of “losing to City is less bad”. Negative, albeit realistic.

Arsenal / City will be a tea party by comparison anyway, Tottenham will be so up for stopping the Chelsea league/ cup double.

The historic NLD cup final still on :eyes:


I am amazed they have allowed the potential of a NLD Final…this ain’t like the Merseyside derby you know, there will be fucking murders!:jakey:


Fuck me I want an NLD final so so so so badly.


Considering we are likely loosing against whoever we come up against it’s probably the best draw.


Want city to progress now in the champions league. Longer they stay in that less priority they give to this.


What happened to your optimism from earlier?


It wasn’t real haha

My last post wasn’t meant to be a concession of defeat or anything though, just thought it worth mentioning that this was the least heartbreaking option


Its going to be crazy next season if spurs play home games at wembley and this scenario pans out again.


And I thought for a second you actually had hope for that great club, but apparently you’re just one of those fair weather fans that only stands behind the team when they win something. I’m deeply disappointed Jakey, deeply disappointed.


It’s actually perfect. City’s roster is a little suspect especially defensively. Regardless of which scum team wins I think we can beat them. We’re able to play the scum tough, even under that amazing manager of theirs. And Chelsea under Conte at a neutral site we can beat. COYG!!


Toughest draw we could have got but at least we have someone to support in the final


Not sure if this is the toughest draw but then does it even matter? We all know the outcome and no matter how optimistic you want to be, you know deep down, it will take a miracle for us to make it to the finals. On paper, we are more than capable of beating any of the teams left in the competition but on the field, it will only take one incident for our heads to drop and for us to press the self-destruct button.

Having said that, it will make it a lot easier to view without any expectations. Maybe it will make the players relax as well as we fully expect them to chicken out as they always do.