2016/17 FA Cup


Toughest draw? Did you prefer the other 2?


Having built myself up to it, kinda disappointed now that Arsenal / Tottenham probably isn’t going to happen :confused:


Revenge time on Conte, then :ozil2:


Got the draw I fancied, think City are even weaker then us at the back if Wenger plays the right team up front (that’s a big IF) then we could win this. Although they have a potent attack up front so we have plenty to worry about too. Don’t really fancy us to go through, we’ve been massively lucky with our draw throughout this years Fa Cup run, and this is our first real test. But known Wenger he probably end up winning it to save his ass lol.

Chelsea will dispatch Spurs without much fuss in the other Semi Final. Can’t see past Chelsea winning this unless they are hit with injuries to key players. Don’t see a NLD final in the books sadly.


If City go trough on Wednesday they will play the Tuesday of Wednesday before the weekend of the semi finals.


All this talk of a final whe the reality is all 3 teams could dick us in equal measure.


A once aspiring model of beauty; intelligent, sophisticated, strong and pleasant on the eye to the haggard, sluggish, shell of the past that has driven wayward off the track. Yearning for the taste, the tantalising rush of being successful. A rather sad and precarious situation of sorts which slowly pushes it to the whims of darkness.

Yet, a glimmer of light is shed upon this withered figure. A sensation of clarity arises, crystal clear as morning dew over a lush green meadow evokes echos from the past that spring forth. Festooned in admiration and joy as a semi final lies in wake. However, a flicker surpasses all thought and logic known to them as all 3 teams could dick us in equal measure.



A Spurs Arsenal final would be epic. If we’re gonna finish below them doing them in the FAcup final would be a nice treat.


Imagine finishing below them AND losing to them in the FA Cup final though. I’d have to move to Yemen or something.


That will be proper shit.


We should lock OA down for a while.


Hopefully get the Saturday game…


No way man, we would get so much traffic on the site, because of the meltdown and Spurs fans signing up to troll. Traffic = money. :moneybag:


Police won’t want Chelsea Tottenham on a Saturday I would’ve thought, so think you’re correct


Well we know the results that bl1nk wants​ to happen now… :wink:


Yeah especially because the difference between 3rd and 4th or 2nd and 3rd is non-existent anyway. If you’re not first, you’re last :wink:


[quote=“Bl1nk, post:856, topic:984”]
No way man, we would get so much traffic on the site, because of the meltdown and Spurs fans signing up to troll. Traffic = money. :moneybag:
[/quote]@Bl1nk is secretly Robbie from AFTV :gabriel:


Greedy dutch! :poldi:


Ha Ha! So now ManUre have been charged with failing to control their players after that scrum around Michael Oliver after Herrera’s red card at Chelsea.

Well, no wonder. Remember how the Chavs used to swarm the ref. after every little niggle?

What’s the common factor here? Jose fucking Mourinho! Such coincidence that cunt would be involved somehow.


3pm on the Sunday for us. Perhaps the police didn’t fancy Chelsea v Spurs on the same day as the London Marathon.