2016/17 FA Cup


I assumed this game was still 1-0 because of the lack of updates from Gunning’s last post. How wrong was I :poldi:


Look at my edit :ozil2:


Lol my fixture widjet is being a cunt. I know we’re poor right now but come on.


Less than 8000 steps? You lazy fucker.


Agreed. Pussy.


Hes ahead of Xhaka.


How far would you like me to walk lol.

The Samsung health which is what that app is called says the healthy target is 6K :wink:


No one daring to do an Arsenal v Lincoln thread?


Lol more like ahead it’d Sanchez from what I’ve read.


Strong team for City.


I think it’s funny how everything above the half-way line is really exceptional and everything below really, really isn’t. :grin:


City will be wanting to make up for dropping points to Stoke. They should be putting Middlesbrough to the sword. I say it be City 3-1.

I say it be a Spurs, City, Chelsea and Arsenal semi final. The only match I could see going either way is Chelsea vs UTD. Is this the first time in ages the semi final could have top 6 sides in the PL in it for a good while.


Bravo is playing :wink:


whats up with putting lineups without names.


Pathetic by Boro. Hope they get relegated. 1-0 Silva.
Boro are just hopeless.
Traorè in a nutshell: great speed, crap end product.
Tell Boro they need to score.
Bravo almost at it again!
Negredo on for Gestede.
Good pressing by Boro now.
Two quick chances in a row for City. Everything started from Silva.
Sanè again!
Oh Tourè! Thought it was going in.
City need the second to secure the win.


Traorè is so brainless.
:cech: How did City miss it?


ManCity got a really good routine there going with that ball over the top. Really not easy to defend against.


City wasting so, so much.
How City are not 5 goals up is beyond me.
Wow Sanè! Nice shot and nice save.
Ramirez on. Give him a free kick.
Great team goal. About time, tbh.


Sane off, time to quit watching this shit!


Boro are the worst team in the league.