2016/17 FA Cup


So far on track for all of Man City, Arsenal, Spurs, and Chelsea/Man United to be in the semi-finals.

Can’t say I’m looking forward to meeting any of those at Wembley, don’t think it’d be a nice experience.


Finally Boro with some good chances.
Very easy for City. I thought it would have been different.


wtf :joy::joy:




Im out to warm up the car for 2 minutes before we set off on our journey…its an act of aggression towards cyclists!!!

Kind of a bit of a jump there!



Is he his father or mother?


Anyway on to Sunday. One simple phrase to sum up: COYL, FOYS!


Millwall to get something out from today’s game?


A 5-0 hammering.


If United win I’d be neigh on certain the draw will be United Vs City and us Vs Spurs. The police won’t want either of those games for the final.


Whens the draw lads. Sunday or monday.


Tomorrow after the match!


Thanks @Calum


Kane off injured. Looks like he landed badly on his ankle.


Lool, a spurs fan just told me Kane is injured and then deleted Whatsapp before I could even respond :joy:


Whaaat hahaha.

A slight overreaction :joy:


Good news for us if he is out for a while.


All a bit tame…


1-0 Spurs. Eriksen.