Zlatan Ibrahimović


Same could be said about many considered top players. Messi when playing for Argentina for example.


I have been but that’s just coincidental more than anything.

Online Arsenal happens to be right next door to porn.


Thanks for the likes, but Jake’s post has more. COME ON PEOPLE


That’s because mine is better. Yours is a decent off shoot of mine, I’ll give you that, but @Castiel liking your post and not mine makes zero sense. I expect he was fapping and his finger slipped.


I hear that a lot



I replied to you and basked you in my presence. Surely the human touch means more than a like.


Rival players aren’t better than ours. Alexis is better than Ibra.


But is Ibra better than Giroud?


That’s like asking whether the common cold is better to have than stage 5 pancreatic cancer


Obviously. He is the 4th best striker in the league, thats the most praise I’ll give Ibra.


Vardy, Sturridge, Giroud and Ibra


I feel there’s an Arsenal joke in there somewhere.


Walcott playing at striker > all of them.


Walcott a better striker than a healthy Sturridge and Ibra ? Please Sober up.


The amount of trolling in this thread is amazing.


Obviously going along with other trolling in the thread. Lighten up, try and be more positive now it’s a New Year. :slight_smile:



Ssh. Some of us have a sore head.