Your Top 6


Chelsea top and flip a coin to decide 2-6.

  1. Chelsea
  2. Spurs
  3. Man City
  4. Man Utd
  5. Arsenal
  6. Liverpool

I think we will falter a bit in February and will lose our matches to Utd, City, Spurs. We beat most of bottom/mid table teams. Throw in another Watford type result in there too. I’d say we will finish a few points behind top 4 as well.


You’ve said we’ll finish out of the top 4, for years now. I guess if you just keep predicting something it will come true eventually.


No chance of finishing well-behind the 4th spot. It’s too tight.


Except the predictation that Wenger will win a League title again .



Nah if we keep giving him contacts he will.


I don’t know, a bit worried at the moment. I don’t see us getting any wins over our top 6 rivals and especially the away ones. I can see more Watford type games happening when this lot aren’t up for it. I wouldn’t be shocked if we finished outside the top 4, maybe it do us good and it wake up some of those pro Wenger minions that this club needs change.


A bit like the hoards of Wenger supporters that predict we will win the PL every season.
I think a lot of people get confused with what they think will happen and what they want to happen.

But there is more chance of us finishing outside the top four than winning the PL title.


Nah, it’s the same old Arsenal: too weak to win the title, good enough to finish 4th.


Nah he will honestly die before he’d win the league again. Even if he managers us until he’s 90 he won’t win the league again.


We’ll fall into the comforting bosom of 4th by the end. If it looks too much like we’re heading for 2nd or 6th, then Fate will intervene as appropriate :sunglasses:


Feeling good about my prediction.


We can focus on the top 4 now. It’s the only thing we are good at.


So many people including me had us finishing 2nd on 1 February lol. :see_no_evil:

So where do you think we finish 2 months later?

  • 4th (lol)
  • 5th
  • 6th
  • 7th

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I don’t hold the opinion of us finishing 2nd anymore


I had 2nd too. Ah that blind loyalty thing gets me every time :grin: I don’t think we’ll finish 7th, that’s just a bit reactionary. I’d say 5th, 6th at worse.


5th if united stay in the europa. But it will be a distant one from 4th.


I’ll change this slightly.
There’s more chance of us being sixth than fifth.

Being behind spurs, Man U and Chelsea is worse than any league position.


Fifth or sixth.


6th for me. I think Man United will get 5th