Your Top 5 TV Shows?


You could do that in a top 5 comedy list…


Top 5 war tv progs/mini series.
Band of Brothers
Generation Kill
Tour of duty(used to be on when TV first went through the night)

Just come across this, looks like it could be worth a watch…From a German point of view…


Band of Brothers is one of the best TV shows ever. It’s Saving Private Ryan quality spread over 11 amazing episodes.

I’ve seen them so many times.


Likewise. It is utterly phenominal.


Ive read the book aswell… Top drawer…wasnt that impressed with the Pacific though, seemed too hurried, didnt feel for the characters as much as you do in BOB…


Wasnt even aware there were books. Did the show follow them closely?


Yeah, I love Band of Brothers. Only seen it through twice so far though. I was skeptical at first because I love WWII films but I didn’t really know if I’d wanna sit through 10+ hours of the same thing. (not all at once lol) But, once I did, I was hooked. :slight_smile:

It was a silly thing to feel really because it’s just like any other show. The same characters spread out over many episodes.


Pretty much kept to the book…but as you know some things are spiced up for tv/film… But most of thr action was pretty spot on…
Stephen E Ambose wrote the book

Dick Winters also wrote a book… Beyond Band of Brothers… I havent read that…


The little interviews at the end of each episode made it even more engrossing…
I watched it first on BBC so had to wait a week for each episode… I got it on blu ray now and usually watch it when im pissed off with the world, very sobering…



Mr Robot, just phenomenal. Just finished season 2 and god knows where they’re going to take the third one.

Nice to watch something a touch (well, a country mile) more cerebral, after ploughing through seasons of The Walking Dead


Really enjoyed Mr Robot too. Weird but captivating.


It’s so clever isn’t it, a bit too clever for my tiny mind really, but I love how everything’s put together.

I’m now watching Band of Brothers, probably the last person in the Western Hemisphere to do so, after my other half refused to allow me not to watch it. But it also is phenomenal


Err not quite the last person… :flushed:


BOB…Mainly British cast aswell…Episode 6 - Bastogne is the stand out episode…
The Pacific isnt so good…


One of the best series ever. You other half is doing the right thing. :slight_smile:


It’s got Ross from Friends in it :frowning::anguished::dizzy_face:

but alas no Marcel