Your Top 5 TV Shows?


I think i agree. I loved it when it was first out but im not to sure how this new season is going to go


He’s the only reason to really watch the show. The rest of the cast is just meh or doesn’t get enough screen time.


isnt lincoln supposed to be dead?


Yes he is, but id guess that he faked his death and somehow he’s now been found


top 5 “filler”“nonsense” programmes
Sweet Vicious(new)
The leftovers


i stopped watching not long after they escaped…


Lincoln didn’t die! It was Michael That’s why I find it all a bit ridiculous to be honest.


Same here. That show was absolutely phenomenal up until they escaped then was just utter nonsense thereafter.


Anyone still listing the Walking Dead needs their head checked.

Utterly dreary.


I completely forgot about Suits! That defo needs to be in my top 5, one of the best shows ever.


Mine top5 would be, in no particular order:

Fargo (OK, Fargo might be my favourite)
Black Sails (never seen this mention on here and I highly recommend it, it’s about pirates - what’s not to like!!! :)).
Game of Thrones
Better Call Saul

Honourable mention goes to (something like a second top5 lol)

Breaking Bad
House of Cards (this one gets in here purely on base of the first 2 seasons because I felt it seriously degressed since or at least I haven’t been able to find it as captivating).
The Wire (I feel kind of bad leaving The Wire and Homeland out of my top 5)

And I have also found Banshee and Person of Interest to be pretty involving and interesting.

Yeah… yeah, ok. Hi all, my name is Gladiator and I am a TV Show junkee.


Breaking Bad & Prisonbreak top 2, I’d have to think long and hard about what rounds out my top 5.


Many more to still see and it’s hard to narrow it down to five but

Breaking Bad
Game of Thrones


I recently bulk watched season 4 and what is currently released of season 5 of suits. Have to say I think it’s jumped the shark. Only so many times you can watch Harvey say “bull-shit!” and then give a little monologue before it gets boring.


Really? I’m still really enjoying it. Seems well written to me, with the right amount of wit/humour. It’s also one of the few shows where I actually like all the main characters and am still interested in them. I’ve gotten bored of other programmes due to repetition but not this one.


I think it’s just the same thing over and over at this stage. The first half of season 5 is just out and out crap imo. And yea I think you could still call it well written but if it’s repetitive that’s not worth much.

Just my opinion though, I’m not trying to take your enjoyment away from you. :slight_smile:


The Sopranos
Band of Brothers
House of Cards
The Office

Then again, leaving Breaking Bad out, as well as the first two seasons of Homeland is tough to leave out as well.


Of all time:

Band of Brothers
Breaking Bad
Peep Show


Fools and horses
Modern family(Gloria)
Fawlty towers
Dads Army

Black Adder


Although my original list won’t be altered, I must add, it’s been really fun watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air on Comedy Central lately. Not seen it for many years, such a great show of it’s time :welbeck: