Your Top 5 TV Shows?


Fraiser is without a doubt the best sitcom ever made. Such a clever little show.


Ah Band of Brothers!

That’s going on my list, must’ve watched it 10 times!


Ray Donovan

So many more i could of put in


The West Wing
The Good Wife
House of Cards
First 12 or so series of The Simpsons


Doctor Who - 2005 - Pre-Clara years mainly. But enjoyed some of the 1963-89 stuff I’ve seen.
Boardwalk Empire
Band of Brothers
Only Fools & Horses
Top Gear (like Mysty, It’s the Clarkson, Hammond, May years)


The Wire
Breaking Bad
Game of Thrones
Band of Brothers
The Night of

The last one of which I have just finished watching on HBO.

Honourable mentions to Narcos, Making a Murderer and Twin Peaks (way back in the 80s!)


House of Cards
Peep Show
The office UK
Alan Partridge

I quite like Modern Family at the moment as well!


I’m quite surprised about all the love for Frasier. I guess because it’s more of a nineties show so it’s the kind of thing my parents would have watched, meaning people my age haven’t extensively watched it, so I didn’t know just how highly it’s thought of.

I’m on series 3 I think (got it on series record off Channel 4), I’m really intrigued about when we finally get to meet Maris (don’t tell me), having mostly just seen the later series before I had no idea that there was something of a running joke about her never appearing on screen for so long lol.


In this order.

The Sopranos
Fawlty Towers.
Band of Brothers.
The Royle Family.
Breaking Bad.


The Wire
Breaking Bad
Without a Trace
Better Call Saul


The Sopranos
The Wire
Mad Men
Twin Peaks

For comedy Arrested Development, Seinfeld, Curb, and Catastrophe


Boardwalk Empire
Breaking Bad
Life on mars
Tales of the unexpected


Not in any particular order

The wire
Breaking bad
Prison break
Game of thrones (though I’ve not seen the latest season yet)


Present top 5
The Blacklist
Better call Saul
Last man on Earth
Into the Badlands


Must amend this list now I’ve watched Game of Thrones.

The Wire
Game of Thrones
Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul


The Walking Dead
The Good Wife
The Man In The High Castle (best thing I’ve watched recently)
Pretty Little Liars (addictive girly trash)
Friends (never gets old)

Almost put Prison Break in, but it misses out due to series 3 being utter dross!


Oh man, my girlfriend loves this show too.

Your summary in brackets is probably quite fair haha


looks like they are bringing prison break back…


Yep, I know. It’s a mistake to bring it back though IMO


Love The Blacklist

Raymond Reddington is a superb character and played so well by James Spader

Also liking Blindspot