You know what really grinds my gears?


Get your fucking coat!


That sounds more like a chat up line than a dismissal :laughing:


Get your fucking coat Phoebica!


What’s @Phoebica gone and done?


Lol! His real wife, but sometimes @Phoebica is too a fan girl :xhaka:


When commentators say week in week out “ Arsenal haven’t got that crisp passing game going yet “ how long to the realise we have played good football for years ?


Been having this bollocks since I was 14. Have it every ten years now when the cunts reform and people make out their music rivals The Beatles.
Next day they wake up and play Olly Murs.


This smelly fucker in the gym right now.


I’m right with you there Stroller .
Madness are utter shit .


Football supports who stand there and bang a drum for 90mins . Why ? Who on earth is going to enjoy standing next to some fucking tool banging a drum !
I had it for one game and I nearly picked the drum up and rammed it up his arsehole.
Please , do everything one a favour, sit at home and pull ya pud