Wojciech Szczesny


Every time there is a new post in this thread it brings a tear to my eye

Him being sold hurts me as much as Giroud’s departure :sob:


Wish he was here



:tired_face::cry: :santi:

£7.5 million Uno. This club has blood on its hands.


I’ll never forgive the club for that.

I might even get something about Woj on my gravestone. “We sold Woj for £7.5m. Never forget.”


:joy: :joy:


It’s very easy to forget his erratic mistakes and red cards that was very costly for club and country. Everyone wanted an experienced and world class goalkeeper. We have one now but a world class keeper who is passed it.




Mad fucker :grinning:. Always been in this way!




I like him as a person and I’m glad he’s doing well for Juve. But let’s not forget what most of us felt at the time - that it was the right decision.


Because you had an agenda.

I’ve always liked Wozza and never felt he wasn’t good enough for Arsenal.


He was capable of match winning saves, don’t feel like we’ve had a keeper with that ability since Lehmann in his prime.

He went through various bad spells and he was culpable of lapses in concentration and displaying over confidence. Consistency was his issue and think with better goalkeeping coaches we could have got a lot more out of him. It’s pretty accepted knowledge that our goalkeeping coaches are not good enough.

That he’s become Juve’s #1 says a lot about his quality though. Hope he smashes it, he was always one of us.


Exhibit A. as to why this guy is and always has been a shitter. Lot’s of OA forgot apparently :joy::joy:


One error does not a shit player make.

Reactionary post tbh.


Was put between a rock and a hard place by some awful team defending, yeah in hindsight he should have stayed on his line, but he still would have been in a position you’d expect the attacking player to score.


One error? I recall this guy doing this type of stuff weekly in an Arsenal shirt.