Wojciech Szczesny


Because he has reflexes left in him and is a better shot stopper. Cech is hardly a fantastic sweeper keeper either that he can justify continues selection.

Cech concedes far too many soft goals and has made too many errors to justify being undisputed number one.


Seems to be doing alright for himself.


I, for one, wouldn’t mind seeing that cunt back here.:grinning:


Seems like he’s turned into an ok keeper at Roma


His best save remains this. (and Gigi Buffon said which Woji is an excellent keeper).


He is better than OK. Szczęsny as Arsenal number 1 is needed :smiley:


for me

we should bring him back

he went out to roma for experience - hes getting better
briung him back end of season and get him playing

ospina will be leaving and have not seen enough of martinez to see if hes any good

and canhave cech and Szcz fight it out for number 1 spot


I would out him .cech and ospina and get a top notch keeper


Cant wait for him to come back


I doubt he will be coming back, i think we will end up selling him…i just dont think Wenger likes him and his discipline record here for wenger will probably be a bit much, i just dont think wenger will truly want him back here but i could be wrong.


The way attitudes are towards Cech, there’s every possibility he could get his place back. Especially under a new manager.


Big possibility with this…but with Wenger i dont think he will be back and i think Wenger and Wojciech dont like each other and this thing about his dad butting into things etc i am sure gets wengers back up i just reckon those two dont get along.


Quite possibly. If we were to lose him though, I think that would just be the way it goes. The fact that he might be a better prospect now doesn’t change that Wenger was 1000% right to drop him when he did, and if he leaves now that doesn’t make signing Cech or shipping Szczesny out a mistake.


If I was him I’d stay anyway. Them winning the Serie A is as probable as us winning the Premier League.



Id take Schmichael. Think hed be an upgrade on Cech and Szczney.


As back up?


No mate first choice.


Szczesny was never bad. A few dodgy spells maybe. If he’s a bit more mature he’s probably worth a punt considering he’s free. Every signing is a punt after all.

I have a feeling if he’d never played for Arsenal and we’d been linked to a Polish international who’s played for a good Spanish club in the top 4 for a few years then spent 2 years at Roma then Arsenal fans would probably be bang up for signing him with Cech being questioned now.

I’ve really never seen anything from Ospina to make me think he’s any better than Szcz ever was and he’s a lot shorter.

Ospina should really be looking to leave and be a #1 somewhere else after 3 years here in and out (mostly out). It would probably be a good time for Szcz to return and really fight for his place with a realistic chance of taking it back and if he fails then he can move on.


would like Joe hart if im honest


Wozza is a great keeper, a character and someone who is fond of the club. We’d be crazy not to have him back.