With all the in fighting going on, lets start a best of Arsenal fights


Those were the days.


Calling someone a black cunt when you’re having an argument is just an English cultural thing


Well that’s the thing, Jakey, black cunt in spanish doesn’t translate to ‘negrito’ at all, it translates to ‘jodido negrata’ or ‘maldito negro/negrata’, so this comment really serves to illustrate my point.


I know it fucking doesn’t, it’s a joke


Oh, well, then, I didn’t find it particularly funny! :no_good:


Well of course you didn’t, because you didn’t even get it, despite it being blindingly obvious lol


Nah, I did, it just seemed implausible it was a straight-out attempt at humour and not an attempt at polemic clothed in jokiness. :kissing_heart:


Oh, shut up! It was a good funny! :grinning:


I didn’t get it either but I’d be happy to laugh along :grin:
btw I still don’t get it.


Properly read that in a thick German accent


Personally, I had an Austrian accent in mind. Much more primitive, Neanderthal-sounding. You know, Arnold.
They way you’d read @PPB 's posts. :wilshere:


@CunningLinguist told you the english are a bunch of racist bastards.


Its not my fault he is arrogant and not learning from the past


OA is providing me with some tremendous laughs today.


[quote=“Midfield_Maestro, post:33, topic:1303, full:true”]
Its not my fault he is arrogant and not learning from the past
[/quote]This might just be the best running joke on OA right now :laughing: Brilliant.




I’m old enough to remember the Davis punch on Glenn Cockerill…lovely left hook, broke the fuckers jaw too…That was the first example of ‘Trial by TV’ as it was off the ball, missed by all officials, but the TV kept showing repeats and even news reports afterwards till he got done…


I was at that game and boy did Davis give Glen a fucking wallop .
You can’t beat a good dust up .


Memories Ash. You watched players like Rocky run themselves into the ground for the team . today’s players just don’t seem the same.