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Is this santi and lukasz? :joy:


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Sevilla are a perfectly fine club, but given the choice we should blow them out of the water in the same way Barcelona blow us out of the water. For French talent too, Wenger used to have influence there but I’m not sure it counts for anything now. I’m guessing we could have blown them away with our wages but I’m guessing we didn’t want to.

The difference is Sevilla are winning Europa Leagues and Arsenal are just the the formality that the likes of Barca and Bayern have to beat to reach the CL quarter finals. I know it’s not our fault that we’re never bad enough to qualify for the EL but it can’t do our reputation any good being the whipping boys of Europe.

To a foreign player there’s probably not much difference in their minds between us and Sevilla and that’s probably the result of years of allowing our reputation to decline. I just wish we would value it more.


Yea, the club’s pulling power on the market may have taken a bigger hit over the years. Constant ro16 finishes, while often not even making it look close and a reputation of top4 in the league, while never challenging, probably doesn’t make for a convincing read when trying to lure players to Arsenal.


Scored on his debut for Sevilla in an entertaining 6-4 win against Espanyol.


I think the worst indictment of all isn’t necessarily the record (although it isn’t inspiring reading) but rather the clear perception that we aren’t in the business of “going for it” so joining us may be a good career move in some ways, but it isn’t going to bring you any glory really.