Will you watch the rest of the season?


support arsenal regardless

team we have choosen team we cheer for each week no matter what

things could be better but at least we aint spurs :slight_smile:


Yeah at least we aren’t a better organised team eh? Small blessing, that :roll_eyes:


I’ve barely been to a game this season and I tend to go to about 10-11 home league games a season and the odd cup game here and there too.

So I’ve gone from being at 10-14 games a season to only going once this season (oddly enough, the Watford debacle… which was my first game since last season’s Swansea debacle).

I’ll follow regardless but I don’t quite have the same level of desire to set aside time on my weekend to watch us play right now.


That isn’t a line we can use anymore.
They have a better manager, better players, they are going to have a new stadium and are playing better football and will be in the CL next season.
They are a club on the up.
We are a team that has stagnated and, if Wenger stays, could be out of the CL for a while.

Pochettino, like Klopp, Mourinho, Koeman, Guardiola and Conte, has the beating of Wenger, and has new ideas and is adaptable.
Wenger is stuck in his ways and isn’t going to change for anyone, because he believes everything he says is right, and anyone who dares criticise him is wrong.


That’s not even remotely true though. Look up their head to head records. Poch hardly has the upper hand on Wenger. Especially nowhere near some of the managers you mentioned in there like Koeman and Mourinho. That’s actually true.


What he said about Spurs is true though, they have a better manager, play the better football, are currently superior and on an upward trajectory.


Yeah it really is a fallacy. I think Pochettino had beaten him once in 8 or 9 games and Wenger has won 2 or 3 and the rest of the fixtures have been draws.


Considering the amount of time Wenger has managed in the PL compared to those other managers, his record isn’t very good.

Pochettino went to spurs when they had never finished above us since Wenger came here and had a team where none of their players would get in our first team.
He has turned that around while Wenger has just gone backwards.

As for any of the other managers, who has Wenger got a better record against?
His record against Mourinho is laughable.

At what point are you going to stop defending him?
Would you seriously keep Wenger, rather than have any of Pochettino, Klopp, Mourinho, Koeman, Guardiola or Conte?




Well, to answer the thread’s question: Of course I’ll follow them. I’ve been supporting the Arsenal since 1957. I’m not some fair weather fan.


Who was defending him? You threw some random bullshit out there which wasn’t true and I called you out on it lol. Anyways spurs probably will finish above us but they’ve been coming close for years now. You could argue spurs were better under Redknapo tbh.


Spurs were better than us last season. Sometimes the table does lie.


I’ve told this story before, but my brother and nephew huge scum supporters were gushing to me last season about how great the scum were and this was the best football they’d ever seen them play. So yeah you are probably right, however it took maybe their best season and by far Arsenes worst season for them to even come close to topping us in the table. Well Arsene is going to outdo himself this year.


Why do Americans know about Spurs? And why would they choose them? I knew you lot were weird :roll_eyes:


How is it not true?
All those clubs could easily finish above us, and probably will.

As for Redknapp being better than Pochettino, how is that possible?
His highest position was fourth and Pochettino’s is third and likely to be that, or better, again.

Are you seriously taking away what Pochettino has done in the short space of time he has been there, and giving credit to Redknapp.
The reason they are catching us up is because of him.


[quote=“Phoebica, post:36, topic:1340”]
Why do Americans know about Spurs? And why would they choose them?
[/quote]They were probably looking for the San Antonio Spurs, and came across them instead :poldi:


Lol no there are legit reasons. My brothers in laws are from London (Horn Church?) and they support the scum. We went to visit them years ago and they influenced my brother and nephew. I just loved the way Arsenal played too much and kind of adopted them as my team not really knowing the rivalry lol.


Don’t ever let anyone convince you that Hornchurch is London.


Like when people say Watford is a London team - yeah, except Watford is in Hertfordshire.


[quote=“Phoebica, post:41, topic:1340, full:true”]
Like when people say Watford is a London team - yeah, except Watford is in Hertfordshire.
[/quote]@Calum geniunely thought this one time :coq: