Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


He still seems to be a bit too naive to me to make a step forward. I would still wait on him.


The Arsenal job is way to big for Tuchel to even contemplate. I’m convinced he’d a terrible appointment. I don’t like his style of football and I don’t like his methods, simply not good enough for this job


yep, but Ancelotti will remain in charge at Bayern.


According to Juve Forums this all comes from GDS & football italia supposedly worse sources than Goal.com. :joy:

All stemming from an argument Max Allegri had with their CEO about having no midfielders.


Yep, these rumors are clearly bullshit.

Still, they should do everything they can to get Allegri to Arsenal because he’s right up there with the best. He doesn’t have much time left on his contract and he’s also said that he wants to manage in England.
Most of the managers mentioned in this poll (and some that weren’t mentioned) are also great/interesting and I certainly wouldn’t protest if Arsenal would go for someone else. But for me, Allegri would be the most reliable option. Would also be a nice change of style. :slight_smile:

Not sure I’m getting the criticism of Tuchel that I’ve been seeing a lot recently. What’s it based on and why would he be good enough for the second best club in Germany but absolutely not good enough/ or terrible even, for the fourth best club in England?


Probably current league position.


Anyone, just anyone will do for me right now. I’m well up for 3-5 years of going through the motions and possibly a couple of managers in that time and see where we go with that. I love Wenger, want him to do well for the club but I’d be hitting my head against a wall if he decides to extend again.


We either need a solid tactician or a true inspirational manager that will get the fellas to play with some heart.


Or if you get Diego Simeone you can have both.


“We either need a solid tactician”

I think you’re entering the realms of fantasy there.


So Allegri or Simeone.


Allegri isn’t a solid tactician and neither a true inspirational manager :grin:

A solid tactician is Sampaoli or Bielsa or Tuchel, not a manager capable to win in Italy only because the opponents are shit. Pass the ball to Pirlo or Tevez and pray, long ball from Bonucci to attack and pray aren’t alternative tactics we can use in a particular league like the BPL.


Tuchel gets a lot of praise for a whole lot of fuck all.

Whats the fascination with him?


Allegri doesn’t get enough credit for his work in Italy. I think that is playing a big part in his desire to leave to go England. He is a good tactician, he is flexible and his style is correct for European football and England. Despite what is said about him, he is an ideal choice for Arsenal.


C’mon Maxi! He replaced Conte and he did immediately well, when no one, me first, would have thought of this.


The more I hear about Allegri the more interesting he seems.


I reckon he is a bit too defensive at times, but he still a very good manager.


I am open to devensive tbh.

Koscielny with a manager that had a solid understanding and focus on defending would be a God.


I don’t mind that, defensive is good. It’s pointless dreaming about Allegri though :disappointed:

As we all know Wenger will further outstay his welcome and sign another contract and further the agony for another couple of years. :cry:


Could always just get off your arse and assassinate him?