Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


Benítez lol. You have to have a serious lack of imagination to not be able to think of a long list of candidates better than him. /That guy has convinced the fuck out of himself BradyMagic style


Sure, bring Merson on board as his assistant and we’re all set :sunglasses:


His record at Granada is unrivalled to be fair


I wouldnt let him manage a stationary cupboard let alone Arsenal.


I would, but I’d have my doubts about letting him manage a moving cupboard.


Very good.
Moving stationary.


@InvincibleDB10 right yet again. Now this is the big question ? Who’s it going to be ?


Okay so who are the realistic options available for next season?


Someone from Bundesligea






You’d have hoped that a replacement was already lined up, but I guess the next couple of months will be interesting as fuck.

Feels exciting to be supporting the club again. Although if Brendan Rodgers gets appointed, I think I’ll sail off into the fucking Bermuda triangle.


They’ve already found a replacement who has signed on.

Any rumours coming out about managers coming in and out of the race is bullshit.


There’s only one man for the job




What are the realistic options available to us?


Tuchel still favourite. I thought his move to PSG was practically a done deal


Jardim has announced to his players he’s leaving for Arsenal. That is where the 7-1 trashing came from. Days later Wenger is announcing his departure #intheknow. I’m really curious who it’s going to be.


I’m fairly convinced it’s Tuchel…

He is undoubtedly the perfect fit and we have the £ to pay him.

And he’s recently rejected Bayern.


Kicker could have been on to something last month…but it was denied by several sources and the obvious PSG-link. Interesting if they get some redemption.