Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


None of those names even convince me, voted Simeone who I don’t even like but he has the pulling power for word class players. Rather keep Wenger than most of them.


Hate hate hate the man but Conte. Although only Alexis, coquelin mustafi hector and koscielny would make his teams because the rest of the “boys” would cower at his passionate style. I’d have included santi but I don’t see him being key to Arsenal for much longer sadly. Though he’s so good even with one leg he’s the best midfielder Arsenal have had since vieira.


Forget Simeone please. Never gonna happen. He’ll only leave Atletico for Inter or Argentina.


I suppose its a " who would you like thread though" irrespective if its next to no chance of happening.


Montella, I liked his work for Fiorentina, and now his work with Milan. Probably with a good squad, he’ll do even better.

Klopp maybe my first choice, but it looks unrealistic.


Lol howling at this


Getting Low would be funny, having @Persona and @CunningLinguist here :ozil2:


If this happens tell Arsene he’s gone sharpish!


Realistically I’d like to see an Emperor Palpatine type cloning thing, where Arsene’s spirit leaves his body and inhabits one of the thousand clone bodies we have readied for him as a host. Then we can have Wenger FOREVER.


This obsession with Wenger is bordering dodgy…when Wenger leaves are you going to stalk him, it could be jail time for you lol


Heart says Bergkamp, head says Simeone…


I think he has said he’ll probably never be head coach.


What is it about Allegri you like. I’m not a fan at all


I know literally nothing apart from he’s won the league at both Milan and Juve. Won cups and got Juventus to a CL final last year.

@SRCJJ would know more about him than me as he actively follows Seria A



Top pedigree, speaks English and is a right classy cunt.



Would he be a good fit, what do our resident Italians think?


@Castiel, he is a really good manager who can organize his teams well. He is just a bit defensive-minded.


We need to reflect about where the world football and the tactic are going. Since 2014 maybe, the ball possession looks an overrated and outmoded style to win. In England, if you want to win, the italian style is perfect. Bus in front of the GK, waiting to recover the ball and start the counterattack with a limitated number of passes from the defense to the attack (the striker plus an ideal number 10).

Not the same tactic, but a fan of this style is Simeone. He has a technical team because he works in Spain and everybody have an individual quality better than the rest of Europe because they work on their feet starting with the baby teams (an example is La Liga Promises. I’ve watched some games. Many youth teams have played better than the 90% of Premier League teams. I have seen 11 kids to pass the ball with intelligence more than Crystal Palace, Sunderland, Swansea or West Ham first teams), but on the pitch they play like an italian team. His football soul is influenced by his experiences in Italy, Spain and South America. He wants the intensity of an old italian team, the solidity of an old italian team but thanks to the spanish culture, he has also the technical qualities.

Simeone is perfect if an english club want to follow the steps of Leicester and Chelsea (at the moment). He isn’t my favourite candidate to replace Wenger, but if Gazidis, Wenger or anyone want to break with the past, trying to win using a different method, El Cholo is perfect.

If Arsenal want to keep a file rouge with Arsène Wenger, my favourite manager is Tuchel. He is young, born and bred as manager in the era of german laptop manager like Jurgen Klopp. He seems to have the right qualities, his work as Jurgen replacement at Dortmund is very good, no fear to restart every year with a squad with less experience and unexpressed quality, his ideas are similar with our philosophy. Arsenal should be the natural step forward for him.

Everything depend on what Arsenal want. If the board don’t trust in the break with the past signing Simeone and isn’t 100% sure about Tuchel and his less experience at high level, the only solution should be to sign a manager like Mancini. He worked in England, he speaks a good english, is a smart person, is a good trainer, he is capable to work with world class players and can convince them to join us, but he hasn’t any football style. Watching Inter (before and after Mourinho) and Manchester City, the only word good enough to describe him is anarchy.

In my opinion, Allegri and Blanc aren’t good for a foreign club because of lack of personality, Sarri isn’t good for his lack of experience and lack of knowledge, Emery looks a little bit overrated, Bergkamp will not return here, Henry isn’t a manager, Bielsa is too old and unfortunately Pep Guardiola (my dream) is in charge in Manchester.


Good write up Maxi, but Ancelotti over Mancini for me.