Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


Just one win this month for him :wenger:


Wenger’s never had a bad game against Swansea.


Bit of a strange thread bump tbh :confused:


When was the last time wenger lost at home to the team rock bottom of he table at the start of play?


Throw a couple more matches at them midweek and they start to wilt. What a surprise that is :smirk:


Fair point, but this is the reason AKBs throw round as why we cant win the league. One size answer covers all.


Liverpool have a shit defence and Klopp needs to fix it in the Summer.


Can’t build a defence though can he everyone know that


Too early to judge as he’s only been at Liverpool 16 months, his Dortmund team that won back to back Titles had a good defensive record.


Id say 16 months is enough time tbh.


Would like to see someone else than Klopp. I can imagine the same frustration after watching their shocking defeats.


While Klopp offers an exciting and more up to date brand of football, I don’t think he excels in his defensive organisation any better than Wenger. If anything he could be worse in that regard. Not sure that would take us forward.


Just find it hard to rate someone who has had three/four transfer windows to build a side and has a lesser calendar to deal with but is yet still fairly average.


Funny that he’s about to sell their best defender whilst a jobber like Klavan is getting games for fun.

Liverpool still suffer from their age old problems, it was their defensive frailties ironically most apparent against lesser opposition that cost them the title under Rodgers.

You can’t always start fast and outscore your opposition, clean sheets are the bread and butter of a potential title winning side.


Agreed you need clean sheets and a fair few of them to win the Title, allows you to win games when your not playing well.


To be fair he’s only had one summer transfer window, I think it’s pretty clear to everyone that it is quite hard to get proper transfer work done during January. If the same issues persist after he has two full summers then I’ll judge him more harshly. This is only his first full season with Liverpool and they’ve been in a state for years now (that one season being the exception), it’s a tough job he’s got on his hands and I think he’s doing a decent job. I’d point to them having scored the most league goals thus far, looking pretty likely to get top four and their ability to quite often trash big teams as evidence that for his first full season he’s doing a decent job.


I know you Brits shit on the Europa League, but reaching that final does mean something. If Wenger gets the money-excuse for not competing, Klopp should too, according to Deloitte even we have got higher revenues than Liverpool.


Jurgen Flopp :coq: :bellerin: :wenger:. Exposed when his teams have to dictate the game.


#kloppOut all over twitter :joy:


Could be 3 seasons now :wink: