Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


Imo Santi has made a bigger impact (in terms of on pitch performances ) on this club than Ozil. If you take away all the semtiment and wider impact about Ozil’s signing and measure output and quality performances alone Santi is a more important player and harder to replace.

Santi in 12/13 was an absolutely phenomenal, I think we would have been perfectly fine if we didn’t sign Ozil and kept Santi as main AM. The real shame is that if was handled a bit better by Wenger we would have gotten alot more out of him over the last two seasons


This is totally nonsense. We need Santi, and we need Ozil more.


Stopped reading at Santi having a bigger impact than Ozil.

Bro. Ozil was literally the beginning of a new era, a new vision and a new Arsenal.

Cazorla is to Ozil what Luigi is to Mario.


How about Klopp and Pool those tactics tho! :kosc:


Nothing wrong with the tactics, pep is showing arrogance though as he does not have the defence capable of playing the way he wants so he’s stupid for doing it ATM. Im sure he will fix that up in the next 2 transfer windows.


Is there a ‘which manager will be Wenger replacement’ thread on this new forum @Mysty @Bl1nk @shamrockgooner @JakeyBoy ?

Or is this the de facto one?


I don’t think we do @Electrifying. You can opt to make a new one seeing as this is more Klopp over Wenger.


Cool will do. I’ll add a poll


I would not change Klopp with Arsène in any case, but sincerely I’m too curious to see our life after AW. I want to see new faces, new methods, new approaches, new players, new style.


It would be interesting to see what the same group of players we have, would be like with Klopp as manager.
Surely people must be bored the same scenario every season and something different might give the club a lift.

I know it was slightly different last season because we finished runners up, but when you consider, of the two teams still challenging for the PL with a few games to go, one club won had it more than half a decade ago and the other had never won it.

There will never be another season where all the top clubs were in such disarray, and we blew it.

So, just for the sake of a bit of variety, it would be good to see what Klopp would do.

Look at Liverpool since he has been their, they are buzzing.

The only thing buzzing at the Emirates are the flys hovering our performances.


Mourinho sat Ozil if he was lazy
Wenger does the opposite.

I guess if Klopp takes over, he will have Ozil to run and press.
If Ozil refuse to do so, he will be benched or sold.


Klopp and Liverpool are doing not bad, even without their key player Coutinho.
By playing the high pressing and intensity game, I want to know how long they can hold on.


It doesn’t take much to win this league doing that. See last season. A good manager with a decent squad that can focus his team 38 times a season can win this league.


Hardest League in the world to win though ?


Let’s see how they fare with European competition next week. It’s easier when your only focus is really league games.


According to actual footballers, yes.


Since Klopp took over Liverpool this is the mini league big 6 table

Liverpool P 13 6-6-1 24 points
Tottenham P 13 3-8-2 17 points
Chelsea P 13 4-5-4 17 points
Man United P 13 4-5-3 17 points
Arsenal P 12 2-6-4 12 points
Man City P 13 3-2- 8 11 points

Fair to say Klopp is a big game manager but he has to get his side up for the lesser games.


We’re still fairly meh in these matches, but boy Man City have really underachieved.


Our stats are shocking TBH


Exciting football yesterday from klopp and guardiola!! :sleeping: