Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


I’m the one who’s acting weird?



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Couldn’t care less.

You’re being overly emotional, you would’ve thought it was us that lost 5-1 yesterday.


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Losing a 3-1 comfortable lead in the last 20mins.

Man, if Wenger did that…


You’d be massively pissed off too and say so.

If you’re looking for some people bollocking Klopp maybe check RAWK. :slight_smile:


Something similar was always going to happen tbh. Their team as a whole is still not great and so all the hype was way too early. They’ll do well if they reach CL football which is about as much as you can expect.


The problem is their defense it’s still very suspect particularly Klavan and Lovren.

Milner does a job at LB, however, he’s not a true defender.

Funny that one of their best defenders is now deemed surplus and will get sold in Jan.


I’m starting to wonder if Lolpool finally got some of their signings right, or if Klopp is just making these guys look a lot better than they are. I’ve been really impressed with Coutinho, Firmino, and Mane. Even Origi is looking good. The jury is still out because the longer the season plays out they say the players will wear out because of Klopp football. They’ve been killing teams though and playing some irresistible football. More impressed with them than Chelsea tbh.


Yea, they definitely got their quality upfront. I like Firmino and also Mané when he’s on form. Coutinho’s a great player too, but there’s definitely something wrong at the back and honestly I wouldn’t expect Klopp to really fix that without bringing in the individual quality, very similar to how I think Arsenal’s defense is a lot about the players and less the way we defend.


I wonder why, and struggle to undestand, why a (above average) player, gets admonished and put on the transfer list when he’s available for selection and could make a difference?
Not saying I want him at A, but the victims could have done with him over the season.


He’s fallen out with the manager and hasn’t covered himself in glory with his antics on social media.

With that said considering their defensive frailties you would think the manager could let bygones be bygones and just move forward, Aruier did way worse at PSG and he’s back as 1st choice for some time now and this is a guy that assaulted police officer and was recorded calling his manager homophobic slurs.


Klopps had sufficient time and transfer windows to sort out any frailties. He has the luxury of rest between games and less fixture congestion, travelling etc. Champions League should be a minimum for him in my opinion.


Agreed, though I don’t believe their squad is much better than that. In the end I think whoever from the current top5 finishes outside of the CL spots this season will have underperformed as I don’t believe that ManUtd will be there to challenge.


Absolutely agree with this.


Definitely, in my opinion anything less than Top 3 for them is a big failure given how much time off they get.

They definitely need to sort out their defence and goalkeeper though. Every time Matip is out, they leak so many goals.


Top 3 is a bit harsh. Anything less than 4th imo. But even then that’s largely dependent on resources and what not compared to tottenham.

No way they should expect to be finishing ahead of us, Chelsea or City at the moment.


If they finish top four and ahead of Man U, most of their supporters would consider that a good season, because there are a lot of team fighting for that top four, and they can’t all get in it.

After this season, if Klopp can sort his defence out and get a top striker, then we might see what he can do, but I’m not convinced Klopp is as good as Guardiola or Conte, or even Pochettino.


Klopp is better than Pochettino. I don’t quite understand where the hype train for Pochettino came from but it isn’t deserved.