Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


Who would have Lengooner instead of Klopp/Wenger?

Welcome back Sir, nice birthday present!

(yes, that’s right. It was my birthday and none of you OA cunts wished me a happy anything. Now you all will turn into John Terry for a whole year until you make things right my next birthday!)



who are you again?


Super entertaining Klopp in a bore draw against an average Soton side :eyes:


Missed about 3 golden opportunities that they would normally score as people say it was one of those days.


And how would you describe our last 2 draws exactly.


Or 3 of our last 4 league games when you factor in the Boro match at the Emirates.


Klopp sucksss !!1!1!!


Haha yeah, they looked to have put in as good a performance as any of the big clubs who have visited Southampton so far, actually.

Anyways, we have such a great record at Southampton under Wenger, I’m sure we’ll do better!

(Felicidades @LFS-forward :slight_smile: )


Yeah I’m pretty sure we haven’t beaten Southampton away since they got promoted 4 seasons ago so a bit of a ridiculous way to defend Wenger lol.


Correct 2 draws & 2 losses at Southampton since they have been promoted ( Including the 4-0 belting last year)


Saints are a good side, it’s not easy getting a result there also Pool were without Lallana who is BALLING this year and crucial to their team.

The ineptitude of Wenger was personified in the United game he was sitting down with his hands folded when they scored not a peep, winning anything of true significance under him is a pipe dream it truly is.


So our result against Bournemouth isn’t so bad now huh


Wenger’s ineptitude is personified by his lack of risk taking.

But folded arms? Christ almighty. :smile:


I do love Klopp though. It’s a shame he went to lolpool cause that means he’ll never be managing here once Wenger leaves.


Yeah that’s right I also meant his lack of action.

Keep waving those pom poms though :joy:


Lol okay, weirdo.


Such a witty riposte mate.



Oh dear :joy:



Not really sure why you are acting weird. Is it supposed to be funny or something?