Who will win the Premier League 2016/17 season?


Yet they’re on a better pace than Barça, Madrid, and Atlético in that Spanish league so full of pushovers!

Keep ignoring the obvious just because it’s self-serving and it’s a cliche that’s used to promote a league that has made up what its lacked for in quality with presentation, money, and ‘excitement’.


Same spanish league which is yet again turning out to be a bunch of pushovers letting Barcelona & Madrid decide who wins amongst them again.

Keep trying the best to somehow make La Liga something more than Barca-Madrid monopoly.


lol, do you actually read the shit you come out with? Should I actually waste the energy moving my fingers to respond to this?

It may be a Barça-Madrid monopoly, even though Atléti won just a couple years ago and has fared FAR better in CL than any English team in recent years, but then it’s a Barça-Madrid monopoly with more quality throughout the league than the Premier.


Oh look @CunningLinguist, you poor friend is getting provoked again.


Quality of conceding 6-7 goals against Madrid/Barca?
Excellent league.


@AbouCuellar the Premier League being stronger than La Liga is as big a myth as Santa Claus :joy_cat:


Only difference being that Santa Claus is known outside England. :grinning:


Its a shame its looking like another boring Title race, in the last 5 seasons the only interesting race has been the 13/14 season. 12/13 United won it by 11 points, 14/15 Chelsea won it by 8 points, 15/16 Leicester by 10 points & now this season.


Easy to win when the opponents are shit (McAuley and Delaney have consigned the trophy to Chelsea) and you haven’t any continental game in midweek. No injury, no rotation, no fatigue.


This seems to be the common argument amongst the Arsenal sympathisers at the moment ( No European football). Maybe we should finish 8th then one season if its that easy to win the league the following year ? Give me a 1st/ 8th placed finish over a 2 year period than two 4th placed finishes any day.


Teams win the league while being in Europe all the time - all over Europe. I don’t buy this. Of course it gives you a slight advantage but it’s certainly not a decider. Also, Chelsea have played pretty much everyone in the league now, can’t keep saying they have easy games. We all play the same teams.


Exactly it just comes down to quality of performance and winning mentality, e.g. United managed to win the league & CL in 2008, they made the final of CL losing to Barca twice in 2009 & 2011 Whilst also winning the Premier League.


Nah. Our momentum was build on a series of easier games before the Spurs game. But it has been proven time and again Arsenal are bullies. As soon as the going would get tougher we would lose points. As we did against Spurs, United and Everton. City has been a very negative suprise though.


I still believe we’ll win it, not deluded, optimistic.


Out of curiosity how many points do you think we will get this season ?


Around 80-85


Chelsea only need 42 points from the last 21 games to get 85, so even if we max out at 85 points its still more likely that we wont win the league sadly.


True but we have a better squad than them. More depth means we’ll last the season longer and scrape it by 1 or 2 points.


I agree. 85 won’t be enough. I still think we’ll be top 4 though, and will finish above Spurs. But title winners, not a chance. No one has ever had that many points at this stage and not won the league.


I Think our squad and talent levels are about on par with them, the difference is they have a hungry well organised manager like Conte at the helm. He’s got them to have the perfect balance between attack and defence, they haven’t really played well the last 3 games but due to the fact they are so compact at the back they have picked up maximum points.