Who will win the Premier League 2016/17 season?


I must have missed our world class striker signing in the summer, the news must not have made it down under yet.


Not saying Perez is world class but he’s very good and is fast, a clinical finisher. He will link up with Özil and Alexis well and score 20 goals with their service


I think with Mustafi in defence we finally have the level of quality in our back four to challenge and overcome anyone.



That’s the best our defence has been in almost a decade. With Xhaka screening and recycling in midfield, I think we have a very good chance at competing finally.

Shame it took this long to get there.


It’s true that we have made some good signings, but we still haven’t got a world class striker and only really filled the gaps that we desperately needed filling.

It’s also true that most of the other top clubs have made top signings on top of already having good first teams.

As for winning it, there is more chance of being outside the top four, that actually winning the PL.

Man City, Man U and Chelsea have all changed their managers and have strengthened significantly, so they are not going to repeat there poor form of last season.
We will have done well to finish ahead of any of those.


Chelsea top of the league after 14 games and have played all of the fellow top 6. Definite favourite for the Title and what Conte has done in a short space of time has been brilliant.


So Aguero and Fernandinho will be banned when we visit City, result.


Wow, we really got Chelsea wrong…


[quote=“Oliver, post:108, topic:59, full:true”]
Wow, we really got Chelsea wrong…
[/quote]Never mind them,look at Liverpool :poldi: Not a single vote and they’re right in the mix.


Yeap joking apart their definitley in it.


The thread title has win the Premier League in it :wink:. I think it was obvious they were going to be in the mix for (direct) Champions League qualification though.


Amazing to think Chelsea’s winning run has suddenly caught their main rivals napping and a gap is really starting to open up.

They surely have to start dropping soon. It’s a huge turn around from last season. At this rate we’ll be fighting for 2nd…


At least it could be a much worth 2nd place this season :santi:


Last week some of our fans were saying they’re happy for us to be chasing the leader and now if we lose tomorrow we look practically out of the title race. Hilarious really.


[quote=“Castiel, post:114, topic:59”]
Last week some of our fans were saying they’re happy for us to be chasing the leader and now if we lose tomorrow we look practically out of the title race. Hilarious really.
[/quote]Like how the old saying goes, "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Arsenal’s past decade in a nutshell.


Hey look, a good manager comes in, takes a relatively balanced team personnel wise, doesn’t even start particularly well because of the transition, and looks likely to sum 49 pts in the first half of the season.

But yeah, the mid to lower table teams in the premier league are prodigious, anyone can beat anyone in the premier league, it’s the most competitive league in the world, etc. etc.


You going for the hipster troll 2017 awards already or something?



Last Saturday we were top of the league

This Saturday we are 9 behind in 3rd place



Hey look a manager with only PL to play for & with one of most expensive squad in Europe, is doing well.

Am so surprised.


Which was bound to happen. We are just not good enough. 3rd is where we belong.


We could finish 2nd… Liverpool aren’t unstoppable