Who will win the Premier League 2016/17 season?


There’s nothing to think about, when was the last time we won at the Bridge?



Not sure why people think Liverpool will beat Chelsea. Recent form suggests otherwise. Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking. Personally I think Chelsea will beat Liverpool and us. They’ll win the league at a canter.


Teams at the top of the table after 22 games and the eventual Champions. You would say they have to do a pretty good Arsenal bottle job to not win the League. But there is only one Arsenal.

[quote]15/16 - Arsenal (on GD) - Leicester City
14/15 - Chelsea - Chelsea
13/14 - Arsenal - Manchester City
12/13 - Manchester United - Manchester United
11/12 - Manchester City - Manchester City
10/11 - Manchester United - Manchester United
09/10 - Chelsea - Chelsea
08/09 - Manchester United - Manchester United
07/08 - Manchester United (on GD) - Manchester United
06/07 - Manchester United - Manchester United[/quote]


Accepted logic ever since Liverpool nearly won the league but I don’t buy it making that big a difference tbh. United, Chelsea, Liverpool, City and Ourselves have all been regular contenders over the past 20 years whilst having European football.


This is a more recent development though. Last year, and now this year (most likely) the league winner will not have been playing midweek in europe. It directly coincides with the influx of money into the league and teams like Stoke, buying a couple players they would never have been able to attract five years ago.


We were first in 02/03 and in 07/08 and ended up 2nd and 3rd. We were also, in 97/98, 13 points behind the winners and went on to win it, the only team in PL history to come from 6th at christmas to win the league and we did it with two games remaining.

Also we weren’t in the lead at christmas in 01/02 or 03/04 and still went on to win it. So we have actually come from behind to win it more than we’ve failed to stay there. We have also taken more points after christmas in 18 out of 21 seasons in the PL, every season bar 97/98, 07/08 and 15/16.


[quote=“Phoebica, post:324, topic:59”]
Not sure why people think Liverpool will beat Chelsea. Recent form suggests otherwise. Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking.
[/quote]They have the best head to head when it comes to top 6 teams facing each other. Klopp’s yet to lose a game.

Sure they’ve had a poor January, but to coin a term, they’re, “Game raising bastards” when it comes to big matches like these. At the very least, they should be able to take some points away from Chelsea I think.


You don’t think Chelsea would have been a contender with Champions League football?


I didn’t say that. They’ve spent a lot of money in the last 10 years plus so they should always be near the top of the table.


Leicester and possibly Blackburn aside every winner of the Premier League title for as long as I can remember has been playing European football.

I literally think that because Liverpool came close in 13/14 it perpetuates the myth.

This year Chelsea will win it because they have the manager that has put together the most organised lineup and tactics. Generally speaking, and I’m sure the Italian members of the forum will agree with me, the Italian style of management is suited to the English game which explains why 4 Italian mangers have won the PL (if Conte is successful this season that is).

Next year the winner will be one of the current top 6 who will all be playing European football and that should hopefully lay waste to the myth.

I’m not saying it doesn’t have its advantages, it obviously does. But those advantages have become grossly overstated.


As i said yesterday, our target should to finish 2nd with more than 80 points. I would consider it quite a good improvement.


A an awesome 5-3 win in late October, RVP hat trick loved that game.


Yeah I miss the AVB years



well only 4% called it right with Chelsea. We had 28% and finished 5th. :cry:

June 2016:

6th :joy:


Lol! :hipster:


@Mysty I can’t believe this isn’t a public poll, I expect so much better of you :smile:


[quote=“JakeyBoy, post:339, topic:59, full:true”]
@Mysty I can’t believe this isn’t a public poll, I expect so much better of you
[/quote]To be fair, I made that poll when the Forum wasn’t even public at the time, when we were testing stuff out, didn’t know how things worked :gunnersaurus:

I believe there might be a way to trace who voted for what.