Who will win the Premier League 2016/17 season?


Another blank sheet. How manys that now. Doing the necessary and cashing in on the mistakes of others.


Too easy for Chelsea without european competition. They are lucky, because we’re better than them this year.


On paper maybe, on the pitch, nope.


They had decisions go in their favour too. Davies should have been sent off and the push on Pedro should have been a pen imo


Yeah but I really hate Chelsea. Facts have nothing to do with this.


…said every rabid AKB ever.


Awesome bantz there bro


Thanks bro


Chelsea all but have the Title won, it would take them to have an average final 16 games to not win it.


With this weekend, you feel our last gasp pen saved our bacon to stay in it with a shout. I reckon it is VERY close to a 2 horse only race atm, but not quite. Still a lot to go, but clearly the odds are massively in Chelsea’s favor.

FWIW, they were not good today in the 2nd half against Hull and Hull had to make 2 early subs for injuries… Costa iced it late and perhaps that is again demonstration of the kind of performance/result that signifies a champion. Looking pretty meh against meh opposition, getting a few breaks with injures, and still being under pressure in the 2nd until late.


Chelsea won the title in this way 2 years ago: scoring when necessary and then protecting the lead.


Yeah correct they played average football in the ins half of 14/15 season but just grinder out results, looks like they will do similar this season.


Chelsea are a safe bet. They’re too well organised to let such a massive lead slip to such inconsistent and disorganised sides chasing them. If it was another side who had it “their’s to lose” I’d have more doubts.


The trend for this season has gone back to the top 6 are racking up easy wins against the rest of the league. If Chelsea are going to lose it, it’ll be through head to head vs the top 6.

I don’t see Chelsea getting 6 points against Liverpool and Arsenal tbh


You’d hope not. That would really put them in an interesting position to break the record of points.

0 or 1 point from the next 2 needed to make it interesting.


Given that they have only a short gap between those two games is there greater reason to hope they may lose both? Although of course, we too will play only just a couple days prior to the Chelsea game. That will be a real squad tester for both sides.


Having no midweek game is a massive advantage. So in hindsight Chelsea should have been favorites with that billion dollar squad they’ve assembled.


Got a feeling klopp will wreck Chelsea tbh.


Conte has done a brilliant job with victor Moses tbh. Hes been a top performer all season for them.
Quality management that.


I think Liverpool will beat Chelsea on one of those famous Anfield nights, under the lights ™. Perhaps Klopp will break another pair of his glasses at some point.

However I think Chelsea will subsequently beat us at Stamford Bridge, possibly very comfortably. Not being a doom-monger on purpose, I just think it’s a very tough game for us, our record (and moreso the performances) in the ‘top 6 head to head’ don’t inspire me, plus I think off the top of my head our record in 12:45 matches isn’t so wonderful either.