Who will win the Premier League 2016/17 season?


No. Arsenal are a team who have fundamental faults. Those results and how they came about are examples of that. Those faults are why we are 5th in the table currently and traling the number 1 with 8 points. But you, even though you don’t acknowlegde it, think the shit that happens are always some sort of ‘accidents’.


No i dont think they are accidents at all.

I merely said, losing a lead is part of the game. I also do acknowledge our failings, i just disagree with your assessment.


We should learn that sometimes not losing is a good thing.


Damn you should be Wenger’s P.R manager, it seems like you like a selfie so you likely fit in with his team.

Liverpool last 13 games Concede 13 Clean sheets 6 lost 1 Won 8
Chelsea last 13 games Concede 8 Clean sheets 7 lost 2 Won 10
Spurs last 13 games Concede 13 Clean sheets 4 lost 3 Won 8
City last 13 games Concede 15 Clean sheets 2 lost 3 Won 6
Utd Last 13 games Concede 7 Clean sheets 5 lost 0 Won 9
Arsenal last 13 games Concede 14 Clean Sheets 2 lost 3 Won 6

We are pretty much equal to City, the conceded one more then us . Utd are on some run right now. Chelsea Spurs and Liverpool are no shock with the form they are on. But Utd and Chelsea defensively are better then the rest, Spurs I’m surprised conceded so many but they’ve got better over the last few games.


Why 13 games?


Because when discussing form 13 games is the internationally recognised amount of games to be considered. Literally everyone knows this. Duh.


:sob: well, i’ll just go fuck myself then.


I’ve seen some people use six games as a metric for form. Others use ten. Those people can fuck right off, the absolute idiots.


Total cunts if you ask me.


How about 13 seasons?



Cause I’m a lazy bastard.



Well then looks like it’s a two horse race for the title eh?? :henry2::santi2::giroud::coq:


Finishing 2nd, with more than 80 points (81/82) and winning the F.A. Cup would be a good improvement.


Hull giving chelsea a go. Shit ass cunt refs at it again though not awarding Hull a pen. Silva btw seems like a good manager.


Gary Cahill is definitely someone who happened to exist at the right time. How has he won as much as he has?! I mean, he is not going to be on anyone’s best defenders list. Lucky lucky lucky.

Chelsea will win the league in spite of him. Not because of him. It annoys me that he will get another medal.


Well that’s that. Hull would have a difficult enough time holding Chelsea at stamford bridge anyhow much less having to overcome some dodgy ass decisions by the refs. We’ll just have to take matters into our own hands.


Dicky boring cunts


Conte is a solid manager first.


There for the taking if we turn up…